In:Most – Pictures In My Mind EP (Goldfat Records)

Posted by Dan on 5th March 2017

In:Most are quickly climbing up the ranks. This pair of producers have had my attention for a good while now, ever since their otherworldly Cloudfish EP on Silent Audio. So upon discovering that Mitekiss’ up-and-coming Goldfat Records was releasing brand new music from them, I jumped at the opportunity to write a lil’ review. Safe to say, this EP really was as amazing as I thought it would be, if not more so!

Immediately immersing us in its atmospherics, Took Me By is the perfect way to introduce this record. The whole track is simply mesmerising, but it’s those harp sounds that come in halfway through that really take my breath away. Unless 2017 brings about some truly exceptional music, Took Me By is a strong contender for one of my favourite tunes this year. Meanwhile, the title track Pictures In My Mind is a deep and graceful affair. The glitchy, minimal yet hard-hitting drums are probably my favourite element of this one, although the charming vocals of Mr Porter make for a wonderful addition too! 

Successfully maintaining the smooth idyllic vibe of the record, With You combines lightweight, shimmering pads with quivering percussion for another real breathtaking experience. 

Finally, the gentle, romantic tones of In Hindsight prove a fitting close to the EP. Those soft ringing synths are like magic to the ears, leaving you stunned to the point of contemplating your own existence as the record fades out.

This is exactly the kind of drum and bass I go for; warm, serene, melodic… Not to say I don’t love a good ol’ gully smasher every so often, but this is the stuff that really soothes my soul. This whole EP is like a lullaby, split into four different sections, and admittedly, upon first listening to it through, I was relaxed almost to the point of dozing off (in all fairness though I was snuggled up in my PJs on the sofa with the fire on). All in all I can’t big this one up enough — In:Most are worth a listen any day of the week!

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