Dossa & Locuzzed’s New Single Proves They’re Unstoppable

Posted by Ben on 8th March 2017

Sitting about 3/4 of the way down our ‘One’s to Watch This Year’ post from last year, are Dossa & Locuzzed, two guys from Austria who honestly make the most infectious Drum & Bass around. A string of singles on Viper Recordings and the pair seem to have found their home, so Matrix & Futurebound must be be happy, the boys are happy, and we’re happy, because of singles like their latest.

Larry / Stoned Love carries on their run of excellent singles, a parcel of two tracks that if they had faces, would be grinning from ear to ear. They don’t actually have free dental care in Austria, so it might not be the prettiest smile, but Larry more than makes up for it in character. Reminiscent of Power Scheme by Urbandawn, I love how this tune just plunges on the drop, straight down into synth line of torn curtains and car exhausts. Little weird, really cool.

Buy: iTunes / Beatport / Viper Store

Stoned Love, as you can imagine, is slightly more subdued. It’s strangely lethargic and sluggish, not really in a hurry to get anywhere and bubbling with that laid back, Hawaiian twang. Gorgeous guitar licks seamlessly blend into vibrant bass pulses, shuffling this track along in a potent mix of acoustic and electronic influences. A sultry, easy to get on with bit of Drum & Bass.

Buy: iTunes / Beatport / Viper Store

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve banged on at Adam about how good I think Dossa & Locuzzed are, and this single just adds wood to the fire. The amount of funkiness these guys can cram behind a sharp edge is so impressive, all their stuff is top quality, and Stoned Love / Larry exemplify that perfectly.

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