Document One Pick Their Top 10 Tech Releases Of All Time

Posted by Adam on 6th March 2017

Document One have just released the massive 7th Dimension EP on Technique so we asked the duo to pick their favourite tech tunes of all time. Get ready to brock out because this is a serious selection…

Turno – The Invaderz

Absolutely massive! So no wonder its been smashing up the dance floors nationwide, whilst sitting proud on the Beatport top spot for well over a week. Love the vibe and there is some really inspiring sound design in this tune. A staple part of any set we play at the moment!

Digital – Deadline (S.P.Y Remix)

The original was a great trak and predictably the Spy remix does it plenty of justice. We’ve always been fans of Spy; he has this amazing ability to create tracks which sound classic yet fresh and forward thinking and this remix is no exception to the rule. Here Spy has preserved everything we loved about the original whilst giving the track his own twist and a new lease of life.

Mako & Andy Skopes – The Mercenary

Just brilliant. We love the dark tone of this track. From the huge pads in the intro to massive low end of the drop, this tune keeps you occupied all the way through. With so much amazing Neuro influenced DnB around at the moment it’s not often something really stands out, and this track certainly does!

Dimension – In Bleach

We always love Dimension’s work partly because you know his production sounds so good on a club system. The instantly recognisable synth line in this track is what makes it stand out so much though. Its got everything, a totally epic build up and a drop you can’t get out of your head all day. Catchiness is a relatively rare quality of instrumental DnB tunes but once again Dimension achieves exactly that.

Calyx & TeeBee – Ruffian

It is pretty much a given one will hear this tune at any DnB night you find yourself attending at the moment. This track is a little different from what we’ve heard from Calyx & Teebee in recent years, and somewhat feels like a slight throw back in a very very good way! As alway the production is just next level and the groove is impossible to resist nodding your head along to….big big track.

Air.K & Cephei – Savannah (Gerra & Stone Remix)

This tune has an awesome vibe and it’s a fantastic example of the clean, elegant production we’ve personally come to expect from this duo. We love the guys approach to the remix, it’s one of those tracks which gets you thinking, but it’s also ne of those tracks which gets you moving. A tune to turn up in your headphones and get totally lost in it. Inspiring!

Loadstar – I Need The Night

It’s tunes like this which have made Loadstar one of the figureheads of Drum and Bass. The anthemic nature of this track is irresistible, a huge bed of synth pads sit perfectly underneath the massive vocal only for the sub to blow you away when it drops!

Break – Solvent

Everything about this track is a little bit sinister, from the title to the mildly disturbing soundscapes of the intro, and finally the deep, dark, rumble of the drop. The bass line has an addictive quality, break using repetition in a way which is totally infectious whilst involving enough variation to keep you guessing. Another stroke of Genius from one of our undisputed favourites!

Command Strange & Alibi – Skyline

This track goes from euphoric to strait dirty in the space of four bars! The contrast between the inviting reverb drenched arpeggios and distant piano lines of the intro and the uncompromising reese bass which follows when the tune drops in a stroke of genius. When the ambient elements of the intro return in the second half of drop to combine with the huge bass line, this section of the track becomes something larger than the sum of it’s parts and the tune seems to take on whole different direction once again. This track takes you by surprise in the best way possible!

Lenzman – Park Hill (with Jubei)

Big fat chinky roller! Need we say more? Generous helpings of low end, complimented by the tightest drums you’ve ever laid your ears on! There is a reason why Lenzman is considered more than a bit of a legend and here we have a good example of exactly why! Big ups to Jubei too, an equally fantastic producer!

Don’t forget to check out the 7th Dimension EP here.

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