We Talk To Pola & Bryson About Signing To Shogun Audio And What We Can Expect Next From Them

Posted by Adam on 15th February 2017

Pola & Bryson are firm favourites of mine and have been a staple of this site since their early releases on their label Soulvent Records. Now the duo have signed with Shogun Audio so I caught u with them for a chat about what that means for them, what we can expect next AND we get the exclusive on their track Monument!

Alright lads, how are you both?
Very very well thanks, yourself?

Good thanks! Last time I saw you it was at Hospitality In The Park brocking out in a blue and pink van, what have you been up to since then?
Haha yeah, proper gangsters. Lots, too much almost. Working on new material, gigging across the country and across Europe, essentially living the dream! It really has been a great few months to be honest.

So…the big news is you’ve signed to Shogun Audio! First off a huge congrats to you both. How did that come about?
Thanks very much! It was really strange and totally unexpected. We’d literally just put the finishing touches to our debut album, This Time Last Year around July and all of a sudden got an email from Friction. We had previously never met Ed or had any contact with him so we were quite shocked haha. He basically just asked us if we fancied popping down to Brighton in a weeks time to have a little chat. Turns out the lovely guys from Technimatic had shown him our stuff. We went down to the office and met the team and before we knew it we were talking deals, and now we’re signed exclusively to Shogun…it still feels weird saying that haha.

Can we expect some new music from you soon then?
Absolutely! We pretty much took a month off working on new stuff once we finished our album last year but since then we’ve been full steam ahead. We have an EP out on the 24th Feb, called Find Your Way, the title track features the incredibly talented Charlotte Haining! We’ve also been working on a handful of remixes for some insanely huge names.

What can we expect from you musically with your releases on Shogun? Can we expect the smooth liquid rollers that you’re renowned for or something different?
You can always expect those vibes with us, but like every EP and album we’ve released, we always have to throw one or 2 curve balls in there. Saying that, artists evolve over time, it’s inevitable, so I guess only time will tell but for now, we’re just enjoying making new tunes.

Your debut LP was a huge success – can we expect a 2nd one on Shogun?
Yes! We’ve actually already begun work on our 2nd album. No idea when we’ll be releasing it as it is still in the earliest stages possible. We’ve been working on loads of new material recently and going back and revisiting projects we started over the past year and sort of just compiling a body of tracks that we think could become something special.

What does this mean for your label Soulvent Records? Will it carry on as normal?
100%, Soulvent is our baby, we wouldn’t ever abandon it, especially considering the massive amount of support we received last year what with being nominated for Best Newcomer Label at the D&B Arena Awards. Soulvent has a huge amount of fresh talent just waiting to burst through onto the scene, we see it as a pleasure to help make that happen. Besides, the majority of the work is done by Joe, Liam and Tom, shoutout to those guys, we’re just there to look good haha.

Aside from new music where can people catch you playing?
We have a tonne of shows lined up from now until the summer months, lots in London and across the UK as well as a few abroad in Europe. We recently played our 1st show with the Shogun family at Printworks which was insane. We’re also playing at a handful of festivals this summer including Let It Roll which will be a first for us, we’ve always wanted to go and now we’re playing.

Cheers lads and congrats again! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Just to keep your eyes and ears peeled for new music from us!

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