Total Science Bring Some Big Names In For The Turn Around EP

Posted by Snapclicker on 22nd February 2017

Bringing the generally horrific and challenging dry January to an end are Total Science with the intoxicating Turn Around EP on C.I.A – hauling with them a cluster of producers who would do damage to any dance floor.

Despite not exactly staying off the sauce myself for the year’s intro, I reckon I’ve been well behaved enough for a likkl treat and this one does just that. EP title Turn Around walks us on familiar ground with the Total Science boys’ mature and well rounded sound transcending the ye old ‘jungley vocal sample with some bass’ blueprint. Have some sympathy for any system tumping this out, it’ll no doubt be on its last legs!

The second tune on side A brings in Break, a name most people will entrust with at least one listen to whatever he’s blessing. This takes glimmers of classic Bad Company, Digital and Photek soundscapes and morphs into a real growler. The tune is wicked. For some reason it makes me think of Transformers – if The End suddenly sprouted arms and legs and started shooting off acid and jungle lasers into the eyes of the Decepticons trying to turn it into a Cafe Nero. This is the sort of tune I got into drum and bass for, a golden era sound. Big Time Winners for real.

Flip the 12″ and what’s that? A Calibre remix? Of something? Of Anything? Well thanks Santa, better late than never eh! Total Science’s Walk The Same Lines ft Riya gets the über soul treatment and is everything you’d expect from a Calibre affiliated piece of music. Luscious vocals, galloping drums and ‘that’ magical touch all culminate in a lovely lovely thing (Masterchef fans, that one you). If I were to ever use a treadmill, this would no doubt ebb and flow me through a good 6 minute cardio workout. Sadly for my arteries, the old ticker will have to do with adrenaline from sheer emotive excitement.

Seeing out the EP has DLR and Total Science combining forces on Too Close For Comfort. Just as the needle runs out the groove of the previous track’s mesmeric allure, the drums on this kick in and the techy squelch takes over. Production so clean and measured it could’ve created the pyramids, I’d pretty much defy any DJ to drop this and not get some kind of response from the most disinterested of crowds. Hell, you could even go to a Ketamine mine in Bristol filled with dreamcatchers and fire juggling mutes and they’d still shake a limb at this one!

With most reviews it genuinely can just be going through the motions until I reach the end and talk about my favourite track and politely sidestep the boring ones surrounding it. The Turn Around however is the complete opposite. All the tracks juxtapose each other nicely and sit high and mighty on their own merits.

C.I.A unknowingly play the role of that stupid salt sprinkling prat off the internet by seasoning this release with such niceness and naughtiness you simply have to try. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by at least one tune. One gulp at a time though, you don’t want Quiff having to come over and perform the Heimlich on you.

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