SpectraSoul Return With The Second Chance EP

Posted by Snapclicker on 26th February 2017

Now if you’ve read my pieces on the label’s previous releases, you’ll be aware that I found them pretty muddled at times, not totally ‘getting’ the sound the two veteran button pushers were putting out into the world. I also said that it would be very interesting to see what the continued output of self A&R’d artists would sound like and more importantly, how it would resonate with consumers and ravers. There may also have been a comment about beards and North London but i think we’ve all moved on from that ;)

The ‘Second Chance’ as a whole is not only a variety of great production, tempo and genre (whatever relevance those things have nowadays) but dare I say it, I think they might be getting better……. Lesson learnt perhaps. Nobody puts baby in the corner…. (I might be the baby or the corner. Who knows)

The title track is emotive and blossoms as the minutes pass. What start out as slightly harshly chopped vocal snippets evolve into gracefully placed attractive brushstrokes, making the blank canvas of the EP start coming to life. Like a Mode 2 painting formed out of acute and precise lines with a sketchy charm, ‘Second Chance’ is a lovers rock, a hip swayer. Grab a girl (politely please) and shake a tail feather. Sexytime.

Now then. Beat Keeps – things begin to get interesting. Where on the previous 2 records I didn’t click with the off kilter and experimental side to Spectrasoul‘s solo output, this is just plain naughty. And when I say naughty I don’t mean go and sit on the stairs while your mum cleans baked beans off the kitchen floor. This is slap you in the face with an whole fresh Carp naughty, the kid at the back of the class rolling up paper and gobbing it at the teacher through a Maccy D’s straw cheeky. I could write about what it actually sounds like, but then again, you could just make the effort to go and listen for yourself! This is a bruiser. And who doesn’t like a dead arm just for jokes every now and then.

Flip the 12″ and you’re graced by such familiar drums it’s like being hugged by your nan and she slips a quid into your hand. I’m sure every keyboard warrior journalist will drop those infamous ‘this is vintage Spectrasoul’ lyrics but i’m afraid to say, it does kinda sum it up…! From humble beginnings on labels like SGN, Critical and Subtitles all the way through to their album projects, this is the duo at their most mature. It may not be pushing boundaries but it’s an essential foundation holding up the 4 concrete pillars of a successful EP. Yeah, be experimental, push your fan base in new directions, coax them to come along with you while you try new things but make sure gems like this ensure they have no choice but to remember why they fell for you in the first place. Hang on, that sounds like i’m in love with them. I’m not. Top 5 maybe, but they’re no Jennifer Lawrence. More the attractive barmaid you’ve always admired from afar down the local.


Fade Away is what you’ll hear as the needle moves on and the record rolls out. Or when you hit a button on your phone. It’s not even really a button anyway is it? F**ks sake. Age…. Anyway!

When I saw the track list and a tune ending a record called ‘Fade Away’ I thought, awesome, they’ve made some wafty halftime number I can slate, saying they’ve gone too experimental and lost it. What I got instead was a giant mutated Crocodile that swallowed Dillinja while he was making the remix of ‘Love Is Not A Game’ coming at my face at 100mph trying to devour my entire soul. I think it may even have Hong Kong Phooey making frantic high pitched kung fu noises to batter the ish out of your chat even more. Anyone who likes snarling, beastly drum and bass will enjoy this more than that round faced jazz jester in the Fast Show. Mmmmm. Nice.

So yeah. What can i say? Spectrasoul’s ‘Second Chance’ EP is so liked I bought a copy. To listen to and mix with on one of those turntable thingys nightclubs use as CD or USB holders nowadays. Be you bearded or clean shaved, pale aled or courvoisier’d, black techno attire’d or a poor lad who’s tripped and fallen through Topshop, you should buy this. It’s good. It’s very good.

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