Limitless Recordings Returns With Another Fantastic Release

Posted by Ed on 23rd February 2017

Limitless Recordings have been representing the finer things in drum & bass for a number of years now. Purveying the soulful and more elegant end of the drum and bass spectrum, they have now returned to the foundations for their latest slice of fried gold.

Given the title, one would assume this was a retrospective appreciation for the formation of drum & bass through jungle and hardcore, and the influences are rife.

Wound Up by Imprint is a refined and cultured take on the sporadic jungle drum patterns and atmosphere that was so rampant during 93-98′. With an air of Dr S Gachets: Remember The Roller about it, this is a true contemporary drum & bass gem. Spacey vocals with synths to match render this track pure bliss. No doubt we will be hearing big things from Imprint to come in the future.


Hypnosis and Come Cross, similarly, are reminiscent of the drum & bass rollers that begun to emerge from 95 and onwards. A modern take on the archetype form of drum & bass for many a purist, yet the pair of these tracks rise as strong as their forebearers did in decades gone by. The vocals and wonky bass on Hypnosis culminate to create a sum far greater than it’s parts. Constrict has provided an exemplar d&b track which ticks all the right boxes: dark atmospheric bass, beautiful vocals and all manner of minor details which see this track as one of my favourites of the year so far.

Equally, Come Cross combines silky smooth drums and basslines with an air of militancy that oozes character. Hitting the three D’s of D&B: deep, dark and deadly, this track is the pick of the litter in my opinion and combines reece and dread bass in a way that few have done before. Lavance has been making waves in Belgium and a few months ago he had two tracks featured on Skankandbass.

The final track Feel For You is yet another blend of complimentary styles. Sticking to Limitless’s more signature mantra of atmospheric and soulful drum and bass, Soul Motion & Collosus have provided yet another perfect retrospective track. Forging new paths whilst respecting the roots of the craft have been at the epicentre of many a conflict in drum & bass, yet I would imagine you will find few people with any qualms with the integrity or quality of this release.


Both in authenticity and musicality, this is one of the best sets of tracks I’ve listened to in a long time. Striking the golden mean and forging a new path, Limitless remain a genuine beacon for all that is good in drum & bass, and I can’t wait to hear what else they have in store.

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