Emperor Picks His Favourite Neosignal Release Ahead Of His Debut On The Label

Posted by Adam on 25th February 2017

Emperor is a real fan favourite and his releases on Critical Music over the years have responsible for destroying many a rave. The Manchester based producer is spreading his wings even further and is about to make his debut on Neosignal Recordings so we asked him to pick his favourite Neosignal releases of all time.

1. NSGNL001 – Phace – Cold Champagne/Astral Projection

What a way to start a label. This is a release that stuck with me; 2008 was a pivotal time for my own productions, and so I ended up studying this single a lot. I still come back to it, an incredible release. Cold Champagne in particular, is one of my favourite tracks of all time.

2. NSGNL002 – Misanthrop – Black Rain/Moon Clouds

This was the first time I’d been introduced to Misanthrop. After hearing Black Rain in a Noisia mix from Creamfields, I scoured the internet for the title, and of course it was on Neosignal! Bold, solid, brooding. Love it.

3. NSGNLEP001G – Phace & Misanthrop – Whats Wrong/Phace & Spor – Out Of Focus

Part of the Energie EP, incredible technicality and musicality. ‘Whats Wrong’ defined the ‘Neosignal’ sound for me, story driven, very unique. The call and response in the main section is the perfect encapsulation of funk/melody and groove, alongside modern production techniques.

4. NSGNLEP001 – Phace & Misanthrop – Energie/Phace & Noisia – Micro Organism

Energie speaks for itself. This EP changed a lot for me when it came around. Micro Organism is another one of my personal favourites of all time. The atmosphere is astounding, I remember playing this as a first tune in my sets and it completely reset the dance-floor. Usually something so minimal wouldn’t work at both home and club, but this sets the bar and does both perfectly. The gradual evolution of the main theme ensures it never gets boring, each element a perfect compliment to its predecessor.

5. NSGNLEP005 – Mefjus – Blitz EP

This whole EP is a personal favourite of mine from Mefjus, but in particular is Chaos Theory. Again, a constant evolution throughout the track provides a Techno approach to technical D&B, and was unlike anything I’d heard from Martin before. The track really is alive and breathing. The entire EP is a masterclass in modern Neurofunk.

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