Eatbrain’s Neuro Dominance Continues With Synergy’s ‘Helion EP’

Posted by Ed on 2nd February 2017

It has been 5 years since Jade unleashed the Eatbrain virus upon the unsuspecting souls across the globe, and over this past half-decade, all manner of twisted creations have infected the minds and brains of revellers at festivals, warehouses and dancefloors, by the hand of Eatbrains musical wrath.

Having cemented itself as one of, if not the powerhouse of dark and destructive drum & bass, Eatbrain maintain a roster and discography akin to no other in the game. Combining profoundly visceral artistry with violent and unfiltered music, Eatbrain produces a true artistic amalgamation like few other labels in the music industry.

Synergy. A concept that is defined as two elements interacting to produce an effect greater than the sum of their parts. Much like the union between the artwork and music for Eatbrain. However, this relevant concept has, in this case, a dual-meaning, and is in fact, the alias of the latest audio assassins to bolster the ranks of Eatbrains twisted council: Segment & Concept Vision.

With a handful of releases under their belt across a plethora of some of the scenes largest labels, these two magnificent figureheads merge to form the latest D&B identity. Following the success, their separate solo releases and their initial Synergy single on the equally prestigious Neurofunk label: Neosignal, Synergy can now boast their debut 5 track EP Helion which is available to download now!

Combining traditional Neurofunk sounds with half-time, this release provides both the ups and downs required to provide a truly versatile set. Warrior Sound featuring lyricist Miss Trouble is a powerful, steppy number, and an excellent track to open up a set with or to switch up the vibe. Scarecrow, in a very similar fashion, is a half-time neuro-stepper which likewise would be perfect to kick things off or switch things up. With an eerily scary sample of a cackling figure complimented with vacant screams drifting atop heavy kicks and militant basslines, this is one of the best songs on the release hands down.

Helion, the title track of the EP is unashamedly heavy and destructive. An energetic tune although it would be far from my first choice to be the title track of the EP. The production cannot be faulted however, it comes across as somewhat blander than the other tracks on the release.

Destroyer is a different matter entirely. With more melody and a crunching groove, this fiercely aggressive tune has been doing the circuit across dances for a while now and it’s no wonder why. The strongest track on the release in terms of dance floor carnage and this track only gets better. The second drop goes in stronger with a mind melting bass synth optimised for full chaos and the track fades out to some eery static and muffled vocals, which juxtapose the prior bass-weight nicely.

Ultimately we have Arkana. An atmospheric opening with spacey pads met with a progressive synth which reaches its cataclysmic crescendo with a bass riff which could knock the teeth out of even the proudest Neurofunk veteran. With clear metal influences across the release, but particularly this track, you can tell there has been a synergy across multiple influences and sounds.

Eatbrain has set the levels incredibly high with the quality of their music, artwork, shows and ethos, however, I feel this release has fallen just short when compared to the prior releases the label have had to offer. That being said I am looking forward to hearing more of Synergy and seeing what these two great D&B minds have to offer. The release is now available to buy now so give it a listen and see what you think!


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