DRS Wows Once Again With The I Will EP On Soul:r

Posted by Snapclicker on 21st February 2017

DRS is a British MC who needs no introduction. While Roots Manuva strode UK Hip Hip into mainstream arena’s, Dizzie Rascal dragged grime into the charts and beyond, DRS has been slowly but surely elevating in any genre he decides to turn his hand to.

Patife and Vangeliez feature on the opening track, instantly aiding all the qualities DRS has been honing in what has been a fairly long trodden path over the years. Subtle tones, sharp delivery and thought provoking content are all things you can rely on from this man and the title track ‘I Will’ does not disappoint. It’s kind of odd that for a man who at times has been unfairly pigeonholed to only sounding correct on Calibre’s emotive piano instrums has chosen such a Calibre-esque track to lead the EP. But props where props are due, it’s a decision which pays off in both vibes and execution.

Your Name then follows. Skittles’ hands are gripped right round its throat too. This is a track which is stripped back to the absolute basics. Heads who may have known DRS in an early era of his career will remember a golden age of UK Hip Hop where tunes like this thrived. It’s great to hear two MC’s, Skitty especially, firing on such fine form. It’s also nice to hear a track where lyrics and musical content have so much room to breathe amongst each other. The guitar solo is a great touch.

Utah Jazz then steers the ship with Sin, a tune which is punchy and accelerated after the preceding tracks. DRS is mad agile on this. The drums devise such devilish drive that the poetic punch proves so powerful you’d be forgiven for faltering on first listen.

This Ain’t Love featuring long term collaborator Calibre is a delight. It has every demeanour of the duo’s working relationship. This could just as easily have been recorded in one take while DRS rides a beat in a Calibre live show. It’s not a polished diamond, that’s what makes the pair the rough jewels they are when paired together.

DRS isn’t just a clever and tactile MC but also a smart selector of producers/contributors. Every aspect of this EP suits both music maker and lyric creator. While having had such an impact with the now anthemic ‘The View’, it’s going to be tough for people to hear DRS’ voice reach those heights, that’s just natural.

That said, the ‘I Will’ EP is as strong a stepping stone toward an even more prolific future than you’ll find by most other mic controllers working in the UK.

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