Chronic’s Rollers Returns With A Few Massive Cuts

Posted by Ben on 1st February 2017

V Recordings belongs to the old school, the vanguards of drum n bass who turned a fledgling rave scene into a global phenomenon. You guys know who I’m talking about: Ram, Good Looking Records and Metalheadz amongst others, the grizzled veterans of over 20 years of Drum & Bass history. A common denominator between these institutions is their sister labels, smaller, affiliated imprints which push music that deserves a release but perhaps doesn’t have all the necessaries for main label inclusion.

Chronic is a perfect example of this, a V Recordings sub-label who’s rough and ready approach is typified in their Rollers series, the third installment of which hit our inbox last week. A full 20 tracks long, this various artist compilation is named after the type of drum n bass it represents; rolling, energetic and with a serious bad boy attitude.

The first one I want to mention is Public Secret by Euphorics, a track that proves simplicity is still a valuable aspect of any music. There’s a lot of pressure on producers to make increasingly complex and convoluted arrangements, to force as much as possible into each tune and that more is better. That’ll never be true, and the simple originality to be found in Public Secret’s wider-than-a-river-kinda-wide lower end makes it exceedingly effective. Less isn’t always more, but it is here.

L-Side signed onto V Recordings last year, one of many successful producers to come out of Brazil and part of the nation’s successful intercontinental relationship with V that stretches back to the late 90s. He’s a big part of this release being involved in 5 tunes and DJing the mix, so it’s only good manners to discuss one of his contributions. Gully from start to finish, the Put Em Up VIP’s  piercing, almost siren-like synth line gives it an old school TC naughtiness the bassline struggles to compete with. This is a pure dance floor killer of a tune, broader than Chris Moyles and with a reload worthy second drop, L-Side has manage to improve upon an already fantastic original.

Paul T & Edward Oberon’s Drip Drop exemplifies what I like about Rollers Vol.3, the back end is the star of the show here and I’ve honestly never heard a bassline like it. A sparse, minimal and stretched out intro subtly builds up tension, creating the restless energy that’s then diverted into Drip Drop’s low frequencies. The drop is next level satisfying, a monochromatic stream of bassy energy that I can only imagine sounds oh so perfect through a sound system. Check it out:

Rollers Vol.3 showcases some of the best fast moving music around, tunes that really take drum n bass back to just that; drums and bass. It does this well, no doubt about it. However, this does limit the scope of this release quite significantly and the lack of variety prevents it from receiving too generous an appraisal. All 21 tracks bring roughly the same things to the table and whilst individually they’re all strong, Rollers Vol.3 does suffer from some minor differentiation problems. Regardless though this compilation is worth a listen, so go pick it up from iTunes now.

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