Billain’s Tracks Batbots & Manifold Get The Remix Treatment On New EP

Posted by Ed on 11th February 2017

Bad Taste are one of the most exalted Neurofunk labels in the game. Founded by Maldini & Vegas, two members of the equally exalted Bad Company, their label has an unequivocal Drum & Bass pedigree.

Likewise, their latest remix EP features original works from one of the most innovative and experimental producers on the circuit: Billain. A man whose sound-design and production quality is beyond reproach. The original pieces Manifold & Batbots, were regular weapons in any top Neuro DJs arsenal for a number of years. Now, courtesy of the fine fellas at Bad Taste, these two gargantuan tracks have seen a re-work from some of the scenes finest.

Kicking things off we have none other than Neonlight. A name that will be all to familiar to any concerned with Neurofunk. Taking on Manifold as his preferred track, this is one of the best remixes I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. A crisply destructive introduction is met with equal force when it reaches it’s initial climax. Bestial synths and impeccable drum work during the breaks, this is one of the finest pieces I’ve heard from Neonlight.


The second remix of Manifold was crafted by Malux. One of MethLabs big hitters, the new guy on the block has been turning heads and making waves with releases on MethLab and Cause 4 Concern. Malux provides an awe inspiring introduction that could rival that of Deadlimit, and is met with an equally monstrous drop. Steppy, with insurmountable levels of agg, this track could devastate even the darkest of dances with effortless flair and is a true force to be reckoned with.

Moving on we have Batbots, the first Billain track I ever heard. Thus, these remixes would have a hard job in breaching the nostalgic esteem in which I held this song. Mindscape and Pythius were the men responsible for the re-work, and they rose to this challenge.

Mindscape was certain to provide the artillery on the remix and, as always, the beast from Budapest very much delivered in this respect. A howling introduction with a snappy kick and snare combination serve the track excellently. The original bass melody is complimented magnificently with Mindscapes additional synth stabs. Mindscape managed to improve the track, making it his own but without sacrificing any of the original quality that made this tune so fierce.


Pythius has been one of brightest upstarts to break into the Neurofunk fore-front over the past few years, as Blackout’s latest prized gem. Batbots was always going to be a challenge but Pythius was on point. Billains element maintained with a pinch of Pythius seemed to be the recipe for success with this remix.

All round this has been one of the stronger Neurofunk releases of the new year, and with such excellent artists this was always going to be the case. We shall all be keenly anticipating the next release Bad Taste have in store and I look forward to hearing what 2017 holds for Neonlight, Mindscape, Pythius and Malux respectively.

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