We Talked To The One And Only Dub Phizix About His New Single On Metalheadz

Posted by Adam on 5th January 2017

We all know who Dub Phizix is so I’ll just kick off with his twitter bio, because it’s quite funny, and get right into it.

“Not on AIM, not into Trance, don’t own anything made by Reebok, never been to Magaluf, not into rugby, don’t use the word chillax, never owned a glowstick etc..”

Hi George. It’s hard to believe that 2016 is over – what was your personal highlight?
Black Josh brought some sizzurp round last night. That was fun. Mental stuff.
I spent about 12 minutes in a take away in Stafford about a week ago. That was also fun. other than that; Brexit, and equally as enjoyable was this one day when I stood on a plug.

And, as a connoisseur of crisps, have you got and opinion on 2016’s greatest flavour?
The bobby’s chango chilli cheese are top but to be honest all the decent ones have been about for a bit. Anything except that sandwich shite Walkers have just brought out. Walkers can fuck off.

The big news is that you’re making your debut on Metalheadz with a new single. How did that come about?

It’s not actually a debut. I did a tune on there with Skeptical a few years back but it’s my first 12 on there.
I’d had these tunes for years and never really knew what to do with them. The sound is a bit different for me so I wasn’t really sure where they were going to fit in. I’m not the kind of guy who feels like everything I make has to come out so they had just sat there.
I played them to Goldie one time though and he was into them so from then it was always going to end up on Headz.

Both tracks are more “traditional” in their format to what we’d normally hear from you – is this a sound you’re going to be perusing more or is this another step in an ongoing evolution of your sound?
Possibly. I do enjoy making stuff like that. ‘Spot light’ is basically just my take on ‘Rings Around Saturn’ by Photek. That tune was one of the main reason my music sounds like it does. I may end up making my music more ‘musical’ if that makes sense but then again maybe I won’t. I always think the best policy in the studio is to just do what comes naturally so it’s hard to say what I’ll sound like a year or even a week from now.
To be honest though, with this single I decided it would be a good thing to show people a bit of versatility as I had the tunes there. I’ve heard people say all my tunes sound the same before. They’re clearly just people who have never bothered to listen to more than 3 of my tunes so they just talk bollocks but it’s still nice to show to them.
Not that I ever feel like I’ve got anything to prove to anyone but sometimes it’s just nice to know that I’ve made something that sounds completely different to my ‘sound’ on one of the biggest and most prestigious labels in Drum and Bass

Tell us about that gorgeous riff from Spot Light. Is it a sample or something you played/made? It’s absolutely hypnotic
That’s something I played on the bass. I played guitar/bass from a young age so it’s nice when I can include it. That riff was basically the start of the tune. I built the rest round it. I remade most of the rest of tune to get it ready for release because the original was so old that the production was a bit rusty.
I think it’s only right that if you’re asking people to buy your work that it should be the best you can make it. There’s also a sense of pride somewhere in there as well. I did the same with Rotate.
The bass guitar is the original though. That version just had a bit of magic to it that I couldn’t quite recreate. My bass guitar is fucked as well though so that didn’t help but maybe that’s where the tone came from .

What music, both in and outside of Drum & Bass, inspires you when writing and what do you listen to when you’re off the clock and relaxing at home?
I listen to allsorts. I know that’s a cliche but I actually do. Recently I’ve been dusting off all my old Oasis CDs and it’s had me listening to loads of 90s stuff. The Verve, Ian Brown, Charlatans.
Stuff I hadn’t really listened to since I got into Drum and Bass.
I also constantly listen to 60s stuff. I’ve done a 60s mix for my mate’s website which should be out soon so keep your ears peeled.

If you were shot into space and had to listen to one of your tracks on repeat for the rest of your life which one would you pick and why?
Probably ‘Spotlight’. It’s the only one that changes enough to not send me insane. In all honesty though I can’t think of anything worse.

We also can’t not talk about LEVELZ while we’re here too – what’s next from the crew?
More music and general cool shit. We all went to wales to write new material over the summer so we’re just working on getting that up to standard for release now. Other than that, just generally being bellends in various cities across the world.

Thanks matey, it’s been a pleasure. Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Yeah Pep is bald

Image courtesy of G.B Multimedia

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