We Talk To Kyrist About Her New EP On Dispatch Recordings

Posted by Adam on 18th January 2017

Dispatch Recordings has just hit the huge milestone of 100 releases and now Dispatch LTD, Dispatch’s sister label, is doing big things of its own. Next up on Dispatch LTD is a fantastic EP from a name that you should all get familiar with; Kyrist. We had a chat with the lady herself about the EP and what’s next from her.

Hi Kirsty! How are you?
Hey! Very well thank you, hope you guys are too!

How would you sum up your 2016? Were there any stand out moments?
2016 was great for me, I moved away from my hometown again, to Bristol. It’s been a lot of fun so far, I’ve made lots of new connections and friends here and I certainly feel right at home. Another stand out moment was playing at Le Bikini in Toulouse – I’d heard so many positive things about that club prior to playing there, and it did not disappoint. Also Outlook Festival was epic as always!

We’re here to talk about your debut on the mighty Dispatch Recordings. How did you end up working with those guys?
Well I had been keeping in touch with Ant TC1 since I did an internship with Dispatch in my final year of university. I kept sending him tunes, and eventually he took some for Dispatch LTD. Since then, I’ve written another EP which will be released on the main label, and I’m half way through writing another!

Buy: https://www.dispatchrecordings.com/product/disltsd029-kyrist-venomous-ep/

How would you describe the EP and where your music is right now in general?
I really wanted to portray what I’m capable of, seeing as my releases before this were pretty far and few between, and they had only been singles and appearances on various artist albums, so I guess people weren’t that aware of the music I make. I’d like to think it’s a good combination of gritty and soulful, I’ve been testing these tunes out for ages on dance floors where ever I’ve played, and they seemed to have an impact. The oldest track on there is in fact two years old, and I was in a pretty dark place at that time, so a few of them reflected how I was feeling at the time. My music has come on leaps and bounds since then, I’m influenced by lots of my peers in Bristol and I’m trying to better my skills all the time.

You collaborated with Steo on Find A Meaning – how did that come about and can we expect more from that partnership?
I have Ant to thank for hooking that one up. Originally I had a female vocalist featured on it, but some politics got involved and she didn’t want to be part of the project unfortunately. I had sent the track over to Ant and asked if he could help out with finding a vocalist, he came back to me and said Steo was up for it, so I patiently waited for his email and I was extremely happy as he’d nailed a wicked hook for the tune! Possibly more in the future, you’ll have to wait and see.

Your sound and production has evolved and improved massively over the last 12 months – what’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned that’s helped you improve?
Thanks, I’m glad you think so! Probably that getting really baked before and during writing music does not help me at all! I decided to quit smoking 3 months ago for health reasons, and it is literally the best decision I could have made, because the amount of music I have written in that time would have taken me around 6 to 7 months before. It was so counter-productive for me as I was just super slow at making decisions and fixating on one particular sound for hours. Now I feel so clear headed, it’s great. I’m aware that while it didn’t exactly work for me, some people can still write amazing music and function perfectly normally on it. Other than that, probably track referencing, I never really used to do it that much but now I can see the importance of it and I would recommend that to everyone who doesn’t already use it.

What are you running in the studio at the minute? Is there anything big on your wish list?
Nothing spectacular unfortunately, I’m very much an ‘in the box’ producer I’d say, although I have a Virus TI Snow, which I do use from time to time. Other than that I’m running Logic 9, and making the transition over to Logic X in the next few months after I’ve finished up some projects. Monitor wise, I’ve got Adams A8X’s which are great, and I am in the process of acoustically treating my room, so they’ll sound even more amazing after that!

Buy: https://www.dispatchrecordings.com/product/disltsd029-kyrist-venomous-ep/

Thanks for your time today, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
You can catch me playing at the Dispatch Recordings label night down at Lightbox, Vauxhall on 10th February, also in my lovely hometown Luton for Exposition alongside Total Science on the 11th February, and at Motive Sessions at the Volks in Brighton on the 17th February! All the event pages are on my Facebook page if you want to check those out.
Keep those eyes peeled people; you’ll be seeing a lot more of me this year!
Big ups <3

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