We Talk To Futuristik About His New Single On Liquicity

Posted by Adam on 4th January 2017

Hi Kris, how are you?
Hey, I’m good! Drowning in work and literally living in the studio lately but it feels good to get stuff done.

How was 2016 for you? Any highlights?
2016 has been mind blowing… for real! A lot has changed. For example I actually had my first Drum & Bass release this year via. NCS. Had an opportunity to remix one of Cartoon’s releases. Things kind of stormed off from there. Been playing a lot since then and made so many new connections that I couldn’t even wish for a year ago. Any highlights? I’d say that warming up for Netsky or Sub Focus was really fun. Also touring with Cartoon and playing on Weekend Festival Baltic were definitely the highlights.

How’s the DnB scene in Estonia at the minute?
Better than ever I would say. Cartoon’s releases had a pretty strong impact on the scene as they were played on radio practically all the time. We’ve had this music event called Grind for almost 6 years as well that books all sorts of DnB act (sub focus, netsky, metrik etc).

So following on from your appearance on Alchemy 2 you’re about to make your solo debut on Liquicity. How did you end up with your own single on the label?
I’ve been in contact with Maris as long as I had my remix of Cartoon’s Immortality featured on their you-tube channel in February. I’ve always sent him new music and wip’s and at some point we discussed about releasing the new Futuristik EP via Liquicity. My track “Sun” from Alchemy 2 was supposed to be on that EP alongside Waterborne at first but we made some rearrangements. The song with Charlotte Haining was produced 2-3 months later..

Your new single features both Miyoki & Charlotte Haining. How did you end up with them?
If I remember correctly then I got the contact for Charlotte Haining from Billy Woodford who is managing NCS. I probably just asked him if he knows anyone or has someone in mind for the track. I got Miyoki’s contact from Maris I’m quite sure. I had already heard of them both of course so I was in from the beginning! Charlotte hit me back just a week later with an idea for the vocals that she had recorded with her iPhone. I was on my way to play at a festival that time when I heard the demo. Her take was stuck in my head during the end of the set!

Is working with vocalists something you’d do again?
100%! Way ahead of you! I already have few tracks finished with new vocalists!

Who do you think we should be looking out for in 2017?
Mohican Sun is killing it with the latest releases. Also Dan Dakota gets my newcomer nomination!

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
A lot of surprises packed for the end of 2016 and 2017! Stay tuned!

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