We Talk Plastic Acid With Phace Ahead Of His Debut On Blackout Music

Posted by Adam on 15th January 2017

Over the last few years Phace, along with his label Neosignal, has been an unstoppable force with both his music and high energy DJ sets. Ahead of his debut on Blackout Music I had a chat with him at the end of last year about his new EP, Plastic Acid, and what we can expect from him in 2017.

Hi Florian, how’s things?
Very good, thank you! I hope you are great too.

2016 is almost at an end now so what have your personal highlights of the year been?
2016 to me was throughout a cool and happy year. I took things slightly easier as in 2015, which was the year I released my last LP and was touring as much I never toured before. I used 2016 mainly to figure out what I want to do next within music and focused on learning new production techniques. I am looking very much forward to manifest these ideas in 2017.

Also how’s 2016 been for Neosignal? Has much changed for the label from the start of the year up to now?
The label picked up a great pace this year and I am very happy to see all the love we are getting from people around the globe. At the start of 2016 we decided to adjust certain things on how we run the label and also decided to put out more music we like. We are trying to do our things in our own way, style and pace, and I am very happy we managed to surround us with the right people who also believe and support our visions and ideas. Looking back I think this worked out really well and we already have some very exciting projects lined up for 2017.

The big news is that you’re about to make your debut on Blackout with the Plastic Acid EP. How did you end up working with those guys?
I know the BSE guys for many years and we have been talking about a Phace release for their label for a long long time…. It never worked out… When I was about to finish the music featured on the EP Micha from BSE contacted me if I had any new music. I had no real plan for that music yet and I thought that these tracks musically would actually fit quite well to what they are looking for. They liked it, so the idea was born :D

Do you have specific tracks that you keep for Neosignal and some you send to other labels? How do you decide what to release yourself and what you want to release elsewhere?
There really isn’t a rule; it depends on many factors such as timing, the music itself and also personal relations. Most important for me is that a label really wants to release the music and is fully behind it. I had that feeling with BSE so i decided to release the EP with them.

What’s been inspiring you when writing lately? I hear some brilliant 80s-esque synths and sounds in the breakdowns on the EP, especially Plastic Acid & Beyond Number.
I get inspired by so many things to me it’s hard to point out what specifically inspired me to write this EP. Within music I do like themes and a catchy story. I enjoy listening to music that manages to decorate the moment I listen to it like an awesome painting or great furniture would decorate a room for example. It has to fit in well and I have to feel good about it. In the end it all comes down to subjective taste anyways. So any art that transports a message and feeling which I can relate to or which excites me is inspiration to me.

“Neuro” is becoming popular at an unstoppable rate still which, unfortunately, leads to a lot of not very good music being released which is trying to imitate the likes of yourself. What would be your advice to an aspiring producer wanting to follow in your footsteps?
I actually never really cared about what is going on or what isn’t going on. So my advice would be to listen to yourself, follow your own vision and ideas, have a bite, push your boundaries and try to make yourself and your closest people happy.

What are you running in the studio, have you got any big purchases on your Christmas list?
I mainly work inside the box but do have a couple of hardware synthesizers I use to record ideas from or simply jam on when I do not want to turn on my PC. The last thing I got myself is a Prophet 6 which I absolutely love. At the moment I actually tried to constrain my music production tools. So at this stage I am actually a very happy man and have no plans on investing into something new :) But that can always change within a second.

And who else has been smashing it for you in 2016 and who should we watch out for in 2017?
I really love Michael Misanthrop’s LP he released on Neosignal in September. I also liked Noisia’s LP a lot. In regards to 2017, there are so many hungry and talented young producers out there it is hard to nail it down to one. I think the music generally is in a healthy condition and in good. With our EUROFUNK series we do try to give young guys a platform and I am always very happy to see if one of them starts getting more attention.

Thanks for your time mate, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Thank you and bigup!

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