Skeletone & Silence Groove – Showtime EP (Celsius Recordings)

Posted by Ed on 23rd January 2017

2016 as a year was a mixed bag. We saw some groundbreaking and innovative music across the spectrum from artists both old and new. However, the wider state of the world has wafted an air of uncertainty that hangs over us all in these seasons of speculation. During such ever turbulent times, one must look for constants in a sea of ever-changing variables, and to save you the trauma of enduring such a search, we’ve picked out a fantastic new EP for you to wrap your ears around.

Kicking off the new year with a spring in our step and a smile on our faces has been an easy task all thanks to the works of production maestros Skeletone & Silence Groove. These guys have a handful of releases on established imprints such as Fokuz, Influenza, and Soul Trader between them, and are bringing an incredible collaborative, four track EP on Rotterdam based Celsius Recordings.

Uplifting and far from lacking in musicality, this EP is not your run of the mill, wafty, generic liquid release. Combining depth and musicality in such a fantastic way, this eastern European duo deserve significant props for this release; and the guys at Celsius likewise deserve mucho respect as well. Now, without further ado, let’s get our teeth into some grade A ear-food.

First up we have Wicked. A lovely 2-step rolling number, one rich in melody and simply oozing in euphoria. Excellent work on the breaks combined with a rich flute gently sitting atop the drums render this track pure bliss. Reminiscent of some of the classic Liquid V tracks, if you’re a selector catering to the lighter sight of things, I’d recommend adding this tune to your arsenal.

Rolling it at number two we have Brothers. Jazzy strings and an alluringly soft melody sent me straight to the sea-side. Soft yet energetic, such Oceanic imagery amalgamated to create a setting of post-spring in this wintery brain. January may not be over, but we would definitely recommend listening to this one at the sea side. So whack this in your summer playlist and get ahead of the curve. Gloriously simple yet elegantly refined, this track will definitely blast your woes away and put a smile on your face.

Penultimately we have Showtime. Much like the prior two tracks this can be categorised by soft melodies and a soothing bass. Some crisp amens and an elevating yet soulful sample before the drop set the tone impeccably. This is one for the dancefloor.

A strong release is capped off with the final track Still A Friend. With a greater focus on the vocal aspect of this tune, the overarching style of the EP remains consistent with this song. Soulful and dignified, with an air of grace. The entire EP is everything you want from uplifting D&B, and Skeletone and Silence Groove have very much delivered in this respect.

2017 is still barely 3 weeks old, yet the pessimistic cobwebs left by the prior planetary rotation have almost been shot to pieces entirely with a few plays of this release. I know I am very much looking forward to seeing what these two fine producers have in store for the future; and I can’t wait to shake a leg to these tunes when they come out on the 30th of January.

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