Need For Mirrors & Phil Tangent Join Forces For C.I.A’s Latest Outing

Posted by Snapclicker on 21st January 2017

Yay! CIA‘s Deep Kut imprint is back at it again with Need For Mirrors & Phil Tangent sharing the driving seat.

Polaroid kicks things off and is probably the closest thing you’ll see to Andre 3000 stood on top of the bass bins at Fabric shouting ‘shake it like a Polaroid picture’ – perhaps if you’d given him some Valium and asked if he could wear less zebra tracksuits. This is a soulful roller in every sense of the word. Vibulous.

From my extensive (and sometimes bizarre) journalistic research, I can tell you that a Candelabra is basically one of those old school candlesticks with loads of arms. Even I, with my stretched similes struggle to find a connection between the two, other than the slowly flickering glow throughout this tune is enough to warm up any Dickensian boudoir. Ah, i managed it. That’s nice! Anyway.

Shifting Tones./ is seriously nice. While ‘nice’ probably isn’t a word most producers aspire to, it’s sometimes difficult to beat. Solid drums, swirling bass that lulls you in for a cuddle and atmospherics to make you feel like you’ve just been given a bacon sarny while in the clutches of a nasty hangover. Who doesn’t like that eh?! Vegan’s duss out the manor…..

Next up is Distant In The Near. Despite the slightly confusing and philosophical title it’s really easy to get your listeners round this one. From the outset it’s joyful samples set the tone and the hearty home cooked bass will warrant numerous visits over time. Definitely one to pop into tupperware and enjoy over a number of days after first digesting.

The release lulls to a close with ‘Residue’ which if i’m honest, isn’t the most attention grabbing track I’ve heard this year. Whilst not being bad in the slightest, it does simply leave a residue in the brainbox of the higher points reached on the other tunes. It’s a rolling expanse driven by a decent bassline.

So yeah, some really mountainous high points on this release and it’s a slow burner. One for the scalers and orienteers amongst the scene rather than those wanting to base jump Kilimanjaro.

You can pre-order the EP here ahead of it’s release on 10th February.

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