HLZ – From the Past EP (The Dreamers Recordings)

Posted by Dan on 10th January 2017

While Italian label The Dreamers Recordings had never popped up on my radar before I received this, despite being around for a good while now, it was nice to see the familiar name of HLZ appear before me. This new EP sees the former “other half” of Need for Mirrors deliver some juicy “choonage” as I like to call it, getting the balance between mellifluous and gritty just right.

The title track From the Past starts things off smooth and fairly tranquil, with a rather pleasant vocal accompaniment, before we are treated to the harsher twist that comes with the second drop – a nice development to this gorgeous piece. Dream Source meanwhile is the highlight of this record for me; gloomy and sombre in tone, this track and all its dark elements have a gripping sense of obscurity that truly capture the ear, and it’s rumbling bassline is sweetly reminiscent of one of my all-time favourite tracks, Commix’s Underwater Scene.

Buy: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/from-the-past-ep/id1180097574

Nightcrawler follows in the same vein, keeping things deep and rolling, with a smattering of nice squelchy synths for us to sink our teeth into. Finally, it seems as though no drum and bass record these days is fully complete without a good ol’ half time tune, and to wrap up this one, HLZ provides us with exactly that in the shape of the brilliant Sparkles.

All things considered, HLZ’s From the Past EP is a great listen that keeps us on our toes the whole way through, and it has definitely brought The Dreamers label to my attention! You can grab it on iTunes or from The Dreamers Recordings Bandcamp store and I most definitely recommend that you do so!

HLZThe Dreamers Recordings

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