Fearbace’s Brand New Single On Bay 6 Recordings Is Smooth As Can Be

Posted by Ben on 31st January 2017

Fearbace is an artist who popped up on my radar recently with his track Without You on Soulvent Records’ Soul Sessions Vol. 2, which grabbed my attention so fast I couldn’t believe it was from a relatively unknown quantity and not Pola & Bryson themselves. With musical maturity dripping from it’s array of interlocked melodies, Without You blew everyone away here at Ninja Ninja.

So as you can probably tell I was excited about his new single forthcoming on Bay 6 Recordings, a great little label that pushes some fantastic soulful drum n bass. Not many words describe the single better than ‘fantastic’ and ‘soulful’, but I’ll give it a go.

The first track premiered the other day right here on Ninja Ninja, and Connections is both my favourite of the two and a perfect example of how much emotion Fearbace’s delicate arrangements impart. Repetitive but overwhelmingly sultry piano chords hold the track in place, featherweight Hi-Hats give the percussion a lovely lightness, and a gorgeous vocal hook prevents over-airiness, providing a focal point that ties up the whole tune.

Take Me Home shines a brighter light on the vocal aspect, the ethereal quality of which will have you harking back to Blue Leaves and other Etherwood projects, a relevant comparison especially considering the drum section in this one. Percussion often takes a second seat behind the more melodic features of light drum n bass, but Take Me Home is a shining example of drums done right; dynamic and interesting, with enough energy to compliment but not overshadow the other elements. Buoyant but exceedingly melancholy, this track makes for a great flip side.

A very impressive single, Fearbace is certain to do big things in the world of liquid drum n bass, so go and support him by buying the release from Juno now.

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