Binary: Codes LP (Critical Music)

Posted by Dan on 19th January 2017

For the past few years, Critical Music has overseen release after release of solid music from up-and-coming producers as part of the Binary series. The Codes LP marks the first Binary album, and it is quite something! I’ll inform you beforehand; you won’t find any euphoric, liquid tunes here! This is a compilation full of the darkest bangers, ranging in tempo, with some for the audiophiles, and some for those who just love a good skank. There’s a lot of them I could go through here, so I’m just gonna pick out my favourites from the bunch:

Blanca & Medika – Moveya

Quite possibly the grandmaster of the entire pack, this is something very exciting indeed! It takes its time with the intro, gradually building up the tension, before it plunges headfirst into absolute mayhem and devastation. Those drums in particular are just the dog’s proverbial bollocks here, but the whole track is just incredible!

Signal, Heamy & Allied – Omega Point VIP

This is about as light as it gets for this album! It might perhaps feel out of place amongst the other more, well, gnarly tracks, but this VIP really is a gem. Deep, echoing, and sprinkled with delicate percussion, it’s one of those tracks you could just as easily drift away to at home, as lose yourself to on the dancefloor.

Signs & SKS – Ethereal

While the sweet, delicate intro to Ethereal definitely fits its track title, I probably wouldn’t say the same about the rest of it! Come the first drop it is suddenly contrasted with harsh electronic growls, which blare out from behind solid, heavy-hitting drums – a real treat of a beat!

Subtension – Run for Rum

Another wicked stomper, featuring a notably wacky synth that sounds like a balloon being vigorously rubbed – ironically a sound I can’t bear! The switch in tempo during the second half is a playful little development too!

Kung – Jailbait

This last one is truly monstrous. Never in all my days have I heard synth work quite like this … I mean holy shit! As the art lover that I am, I would describe this as the Jackson Pollock’s Mural 1943 of Drum and Bass. Listen to this, look it up and maybe you’ll be on my wavelength! Maybe…

Overall this is an impressive project, and a good boost for the lesser-known artists that feature. In all honesty, there are tracks on here that I love, while others not so much, but I’ll let you go and judge which ones are the best!

Buy it on iTunes or on the Critical website here.

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