Brighton Based Trio Klax Hot Step It Into 2017 With Their Debut Full Length EP On Critical.

Posted by Snapclicker on 23rd January 2017

The EP opens with Risk It, a track with the precision of a surgeon’s toolkit. Nimble production and perfectly balanced edits culminate in a pacey tune which wouldn’t be out of place in the most militant of army training drills. Drop down and give it 20!

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The Sway is a deeper and moody affair showing the group’s ability to be emotive and not just punch like a juggernaut. Nice vocal licks and broiling bass bring genuine charm. Its most gratifying feature is the line it treads between traditional liquid elements whilst not being boring at all. It’s got flair and flourishes, probably my favourite tune on the 12″ as I’m a big softy.

EP title track Rekanize is a serious haunter. The sonics are crispier than B.Town based Gary’s straight line letter graffiti pieces (he’s previously blessed some bricks in Klax’s honour and and if you don’t know what i’m harping on about please check out his bionic arm skills pon the instagramz). Overall, this is a heaving beast of a beat and cements Klax’s place in the arena of the off kilter bass music scene right now.

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Flouro Riddim closes the 12″ in undeniable style. While those cheeky Europeans (yeah, we basically don’t count anymore) have been masterful in taking charge of the tech laced frantic sound over the past few years, the direction Klax are moving in with tunes like this is a certified statement of intent. They’ve arrived and they’re looking to blow your whole house down.

If the music itself wasn’t enough to make you part papers for this release, they’ve gone so far as to produce a lovely little bundle for you cheeky chappies/chappettes. Some killer artwork adorns a typically Kasra-esque black tee with a digital bonus track ‘Cacoma’ – itself a rapture of droom unt bazzness.

The Rekanize EP ticks all kinds of boxes. Get amongst it.

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