We Talk To NCT About Their Solo Debut On Viper

Posted by Adam on 13th December 2016

Dutch duo Jeroen Nai Chung Tong & Alexander Witschge, better known as NCT, have rapidly become one of the most exciting and popular names in Drum & Bass. Ahead of their new single on Viper I caught up with the duo for a quick chat.

Hi chaps, how are you both?
Great mate, thanks for having us!

What have been your highlights of 2016?
Well, our year has been quite full of highlights. A couple of them were certainly; playing big shows such as Rampage b2b with our homeboys T & Sugah (which we’ll be doing again in a very special setting at Liquicity’s Winterfestival), supporting the Viper & Hospital Records crew on multiple of their shows and of course all the Liquicity shows. Apart from shows, we’ve had a year full of great releases as well! I’d say all of these were highlights for us since all of them are doing great :)

A big step for us was definitely our release on ‘Never Say Die’, with our sweetheart Franky Nuts. We’ve hereby made it clear that we don’t care for genres – we put out music that we put our hearts into, no discussion needed.

As a duo your sound has progressed hugely over the last year or 2 and your popularity has soared – what would you say is the secret behind your success?
Thanks! Glad you think so. There isn’t much of a secret, hard work and spending lots of time learning about this passion simply pays off for the ones that give it their all and stick to it. As long as you stay true to yourself, that is certainly a key factor.

You’re also doing what a lot of producers don’t do often and making different style of DnB as well as dabbling with dubstep recently on Never Say Die – how do you balance what you’re making or do you just make whatever you feel like?
We just write whatever we feel like, we do try to balance the releases, but that’s still quite hard to manage since we also rely on labels and their schedules. But like we said, we’re not afraid of touching other genres ;)
The big news is you’re about to make your solo debut on Viper. How did that come about?

Yea we’re blessed having full support from Matrix & Futurebound. At some point we started sending tracks to the label & Futurebound himself, without many expectations tbh, but it didn’t take long for them to respond to our emails. One of the tracks we sent – that had actually been written 1.5/2 years before – just needed to be properly finished, and along with a fresh 2nd tune we had our first Viper single.

Both tracks on the single are clear dancefloor tunes. Do you feel that you’ve found your own sound now?
Well, we do have developed distinctive sound, yes. But we’re not even nearly done learning about music and developing our skills as musicians. So we are still grasping onto all the music and sounds that inspire us, and therefore we don’t think we really stick to one “style”. But we’ve definitely got an identifiable sound going.

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Has your workflow in the studio changed as time has gone by or is your process still much the same as it always was?
In some ways it has stayed the same, in some ways it has changed pretty drastically. We have a couple different ways to start a song, to work a song out and to finish a song. However, each project is different and that calls for a fresh approach every time, so that’s what we do.

What are you running in your studio? Do you have anything big on the wishlist for next year?
Currently we’re running on Ableton Live 9, however we’re thinking of trying something new, which would be Cubase 8.5. That surely is one sexy ass DAW.. But the first thing on our wishlist is the TC Helicon VocalLive 3. This little beauty would allow me (Jeroen) to be less of a bitch about my own vocals and record self-sung vocals way more often!

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Who do you think we should be watching out for in 2017?
Besides us doing a world take-over with T & Sugah, Franky Nuts and Lifecycle you mean..?
I think everyone should keep an eye out on ‘Urbandawn’ who has become one of my personal favourites in 0 time, taking Drum&Bass to another level. And as for newcomers, watch Zazu & Lexurus! Both cooking up cool stuff and something is telling us it won’t be their last ;)

Thanks guys, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Yes, a couple of things actually; global warming is real, don’t spread hate – spread love, don’t forget to smile and forever hold on to the things that make you a better you. Also, I’m always up for Pokémon battles, so fuckin’ bring it, pussies.

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