Sweet Treats From Sam Binga & Chimpo With ‘For Those Who Like It Sweet’

Posted by Snapclicker on 3rd December 2016

Critical‘s Systems project is back in full force with a fresh dollop of indulgent treats just as 2016 seemed to be slowing to a close.

Sam Binga and Chimpo are behind the buttons for this hefty release which is an absolute full body work out. With the New Year fast approaching, it’s these tunes which will help fend off the unwanted gym memberships.

The collection begins with Chimpo‘s War Tanker. Beyond doing what is says on the tin, this is an irate neck snapper with a low slung crispy and clean swagger. As the Drum & Bass scene continues to delve further into the outer reaches of it’s self imposed genre margins, booty bashmento’s like this are a clear indication of the talent we have lurking around dances in this country.

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Sam Binga’s Drank is handed the baton next and sprints away from the pack. Maybe sprint is the wrong word. It’s like you’ve sunk 12 pints of fighting juice and have ended up in a vintage Super Mario landscape, one upping your brainbox with every step, stumbling past chundering Princesses and onto a victory lap by merking the kebab shop boss right in his chops to complete the level. Gin and Juice for errrrbady.

Next the two bass laced babbling juggernauts join forces on Sassy Riddim – another fantastically named tune. Who the hell doesn’t like the idea of being sassy?! Yeah, even YOU mandem. This is another futuristic and bountifully British take on foreign foundations, plucking vocal samples and bashy aesthetics and dropkicking them into 2016 via an armshouse prom queen 12 rounder.

Selection Dark steers the ship into further warped out territories with a murky, stuttering and glitchy beat. Weighing in at just under 2 minutes, it’s a lot like listening to someone doing a DMC routine if they’d done it hung upside down being force fed popping candy and shots of ouzo. Think Johnny Vegas doing a scratch perverts set instead of Tony Vegas – Well rounded portly pressure. Seleccy!

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Closing the project is the short For Those Who Like It Sweet. It’s an amalgamation of everything laid down before it on the EP, culminating in a completely bazonkers snippet. If you’re looking to up your levels once more you can also head to the Critical Store and grab a swaggerlicious T Shirt combo which sees the producers and label hook up with Bowlcut Garms. (I shudder in horror with bowlcut flashbacks. Nice one mum, this one you….No wonder my hair never made it through my 20’s.)

The release as a whole might not be everyone’s cup of tea as it’s really progressive and off the beaten track. But what it does do, is shout from the rafters how the UK always has and continues to have a firm grip on all forms of bass music. This one comes correct to the point of lunacy. Boundaries are there to be pushed and Kasra’s raaasclart Critcal Crew are kicking in the door!

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