Imba Delves Deep With His New Single On Soulvent

Posted by Ben on 5th December 2016

One of the acts I had the pleasure of seeing a few weeks ago at Spearhead Records was Imba, and his set in Soulvent‘s Room 2 was an impressively tasteful blend of various different Drum & Bass flavours. Production wise, Imba’s credentials are solid to say the least. Despite being relatively new especially compared to a lot of much older artists, he’s showcased his ability to conjure up emotive music in previous releases on Good Karma Music and Lateral Records.

For his new single it’s the turn of Soulvent Records, a favourite here at Ninja Ninja and a group of guys that have shown they only push the best in liquid Drum & Bass. Out of the two tunes on it my favourite is the title track, Ravana, a roller that stretches out for 8 minutes. The name is reference to a mythological Hindu hero, and the Indian-esque vocal samples and background bongos give it a similar vibe to Calcutta by Aphrodite. This one will engross you for the whole 8 minutes, mostly due to the regular drum variations and all-encompassing, almost saturated bass line that oozes through the range. Great track.

The flip side doesn’t depart from the theme of mellow poignancy, if anything From Within steps it up a notch. The drum work is light and frivolous here, the soft piano blends beautifully with the airy atmosphere, Imba proving that less can be more. The back end is unerringly subtle, shaking and shimmering throughout and providing the undertone for everything else. From Within is a properly melancholy track, perhaps too sparse for some but definitely a very strong B side that rounds out the release well.

Ravana is available now from the iTunes store.

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