Hybrid Minds Deliver More Gorgeous Music With Their New Single ‘Phoenix’

Posted by Ben on 5th December 2016

Hybrid Minds are a duo that can do no wrong at the moment. Their new label Hybrid Music is just starting to get into the swing of things, and after two solid releases their back with a third; Phoenix featuring Alexa Harley. This one follows the same structure as the other two, an original production from the pair followed by a remix. I really like how they do this, you get a new take on the track you just heard plus it widens the whole scope of the release.

Sultry piano riffs have become a staple of music from Hybrid Minds, and this one is no different. Phoenix slowly grows from mellow, filtered out beginnings, and whilst Touch had clearly defined points of escalation, this tune is more of a journey.  Subtle climbs in intensity are married perfectly with soulful vocal layers, and the incredible unity between all the different elements gives this one a really polished, finished quality. I could fall asleep, get married, kill a man or do my laundry to this track and it would work equally well.

Buy: iTunes / Hybrid Music Store

On remix duty is The Vanguard Project, a pairing comprised of Spearhead boss Bcee and Villem, a name synonymous with well made, rolling Drum & Bass. And rolling describes this track pretty well, because The Vanguard Project have taken the vocals from the original, put them over some more forceful drums and added a healthy dose of extra bass. The result is a fast moving, energetic track that maintains the best aspects of the original but puts them in a different light, which is exactly what a remix should do. Shouts to the second drop too, wicked switch up.

Buy: iTunes / Hybrid Music Store

It was clear that Hybrid Music would be a platform for emotive Drum & Bass and Hybrid Minds have delivered.This single will be too vocal centric and soft for some which is understandable, but if that’s you then I don’t think you’re the target audience anyway, something people should bare in mind a little more often. Not many artists do liquid as well as these guys, so guy and buy their new single here.

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