GLXY Return To Limitless Recordings With A Fantastic New Single

Posted by Snapclicker on 11th December 2016

GLXY have been making a few waves in the scene this year and Limitless Recordings are back with this great little release to hammer home the point.

I’ve been a fan of the GLXY duo for a hot minute and think they could be destined for big things in 2016.

The single opens with Astoria, a graceful and churning liquid lurker. What strikes me about this track is the production, they’re getting stronger with every tune. As you’d hope! They get the balance of beauty and bite exactly right here. Emotive liquid done with a sprinkle of chilli for the well blessed palette.


Overwatch is a cracker. It lulls you into a false state of wafty loveliness then slams you with some solid Commix style bass. Imagine you’ve hit the pub, met a delightful female holding an acoustic guitar who tells you she’s into Belle & Sebastian and knitting – wicked, I could do with a nice wholesome gyal to take home and meet my mum. Just as you’re leaving together, she grabs the keys to a suped up, blacked out Subaru and pelts you back to her place considerably over the speed limit.

Despite being probably the 147th person to say this pon the inerwebs, keep a bloody eye out for these jesters in 2016. GLXY are on an upward curve and if you don’t get on board, you’ll be left feeling a right silly biscuit. Shout to the label as well, a deftly picked single and well presented. Top marks.

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