Fokuz Plant One More Seed In The Soil Of 2016 With Drumcatcher’s Silver Funk EP

Posted by Adam on 4th December 2016

Drumcatcher isn’t someone I was aware of previous to this release hitting the inbox, a familiar story when it comes to Fokuz releases. That’s exactly the reason i love the label and have been buying their records for around 10 years.

Silver Funk came on while I was concentrating on something else and was a real pleasant surprise. This is jazzy as f**k! While the vocal snippet doesn’t exactly enthral or surprise, the bulk of the tune is cracking, a really good fun slice of funk. It instantly reminded me of tracks like Tigresse by Naibu – simple, fun, emotive and rad.


Randomly, the B side is called Tigris (genuinely didn’t plan that). It’s nothing like the previously mentioned track! It’s actually my favourite of the two. I kind of thought I knew where it was heading and then it just backflipped and spun me out. It’s a lot like being a punchbag for Chun-Li while she’s warming up for a fight against M.Bison. You’ll be hit in a few directions but it’s worth the battering for the overall effect.

If I was being harsh, I’d have to say the vocal samples on both tracks could be a bit more interesting, but that’s just me being super picky as I’ve not had my second coffee of the day…

Fokuz, once again doing the damn do they do do so well.

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