Chris.SU Returns To Eatbrain With The Solar Eclipse EP

Posted by Ben on 16th December 2016

Eatbrain releases are guaranteed to be a full-on experience, an all-inclusive package of apocalyptic connotations, devilish artwork and broken eardrums. Whereas most all-inclusive offers give you a week in Spain or full body spa treatments, Hungary’s most fearsome Drum & Bass outfit touches down in more aphotic territory; hard, aggressive neurofunk that’s tailor made for dance floors across Europe.

Chris.SU is an artist that’s been involved in many such creations and his input in Mirror Universes 1 & 2, plus inclusion in an impressive EP with State of Mind last year cemented his position on the Eatbrain roster. His newest release, Solar Eclipse, is more of the same adrenaline pumping music that’s made him so popular in D&B’s unrestrained, irresponsible underbelly.

It’s the title track that represents this best. Solar Eclipse doesn’t mess around luring you in with long intros or false promises. Instead, a surprisingly tentative and restricted drum section quickly drags you over a cliff face and down into the pile of distorted synth lines waiting below. Their soaring quality provides all the movement absent in the percussion and as a result Solar Eclipse has a great uniqueness to it, full of energy and begging to be slipped into a mix.

Not many vocalists sound as at home over neurofunk as Nuklear MC does, and Last Laugh is far from the Londoner’s first outing on Eatbrain. His foreboding style of rapping perfectly compliments murky vibes,  exactly what Chris.SU provides in spades here with the accompanying production.  The growling, almost monochromatic lower end bubbles with power, constantly present throughout it dictates the scale of every other element and controls the track from below. Not one of the craziest to come from either involved but perhaps more brooding and self conciliatory.

The last tune I want to mention is Complexity, my favourite from the EP and a cut that could easily be the drug-addled older brother of Pathways by Delta Heavy. Compared with the rest of Solar Eclipse the drums are especially strong, and more driving percussion is something I think would’ve improved the EP. Regardless, a hefty amount of suspense gives way to a flurry of well arranged, beautifully wide bass notes that mark the quality of this track. The monotony with which Complexity assails you is another aspect I like, and the feeling of being submerged only to come up again harks back to old Virus releases.

Another wicked release from Eatbrain, another notch on the proverbial wall and another weapon added to the widening arsenal of Europe’s neurofunk DJs. Listen to the full EP below, and/or pick it up from Beatport now.


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