We Take A Look At The Brand Requisites EP On Demand Records

Posted by Snapclicker on 8th November 2016

If i’m completely honest, I don’t know a lot about Demand Records, but the calibre of artists on this EP alone was enough for me to delve deeper. And i’m glad i did.

The Requisites EP comes with a 4 track 12″ and even has a butler on the front cover, so what’s not to like. I’ve always quite liked the idea of a butler. Maybe more in a Bruce Wayne kind of way, but this is a good start.

Phil Tangent‘s Misgivings opens the show and is a feisty growler which shows off all the skill this guy has honed. He’s a solid producer and the depth of his ability is really glistening here. Defini+tely something which could have been constructed bouncing off the walls of the Batcave. Lovely stuff.

Buy: https://demandrecords.databeats.com/vinyl/req001

Eastcolors & Tiiu‘s Naked Skin is without doubt the surprise package on this record. From the lurching halftime drums of the intro into the swaying vocals, the tune then continues into a powerhouse of off kilter and thrusting sounds. If say, you’d somehow managed to write a review based around Batman, this could easily be Catwoman’s soundtrack as she deftly claws her way across city rooftops, leather clad and fully bossing it. Definitely a more seductive and terrifying Michelle Pfeiffer than Halle Berry’s total flop of a film (if you haven’t seen it, don’t bother, buy this record instead).

Next up is Big Bud, RoyGreen & Protone and Dual with Gospodi, yep, quite the mouthful! Sometimes when you’ve got this many producers on one tune things can get muddy, styles trampling over each other and you’re left with nothing really standing out. This however is a pretty coherent and floaty number with a sweltering undertone of bass. It ambles nicely throughout, more the Robin to Batman’s fistfights.

Buy: https://demandrecords.databeats.com/vinyl/req001

The EP closes with Abundance by Phase, a total pleasure from beginning to end. Enchanting intro with a slightly acme dub vocal sample, it turns from beauty to the beast pretty swiftly. Production is well orchestrated and the end product is probably a soundtrack to the clouds parting to reveal the Bat Signal, shining in the night sky as the Bat Mobile hits 200mph on the streets below, tearing city mobs to shreds.

So. I like this EP, it’s got some really nice bits on, and the producers and label should be proud. While definitely not being a huge, muscular Ben Affleck, it’s sure as hell not a useless and dated Michael Keaton. It’s got the suave style of Clooney with the bass hit of Christian Bale’s aggy Bruce Wayne. Job done, Gotham City is safe for another day.

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