Soul Sessions Vol. 2 (Soulvent Records)

Posted by Dan on 9th November 2016

I’ll begin by saying that Soulvent Records is right up my street, always bringing out music I can get on board with; every release is just a treat for the ears. And having blessed us with the magnificent Pola & Bryson album this summer, it’s been almost impossible to take an eye of this record label. Their Soul Sessions albums shine a light on upcoming talent in the scene, and if you liked Volume 1, I can confirm that this one has some real corkers too! Pretty much every track here is worth listening to, but here are some definite favourites of mine;

Phloem – Pathos ft. Zoe Moon (Buy)

It’s the big bang at the beginning that sets the standard for the whole compilation! I have been following Phloem for quite a while, bagging a couple of free downloads from his Soundcloud page every so often, so it was a rather nice surprise to see his name pop up here. Pathos is a sublime little tune, with its glorious chords and subtle moving bassline well complimented by Zoe Moon’s delicate vocals. A brilliant way to kick things off!

Dualistic – Brave ft. Ayve (Pola & Bryson Remix)(Buy)

The fact that I favour this track above others may be a little biased given my undying admiration for the works of Pola & Bryson. However, just listen to this and you should understand it. Simple but effective, their remix of Brave has that sense of light grace the dynamic duo always seem to nail, making you feel as though you could just drift out of your own body and into a land of sweet ecstasy…

Phaction – Orbit (Buy)

Another amazing tune from Phaction, and a great follow up from this summer’s If Only with Hugh Hardie, a banger I’m still recovering from! You could just lose yourself in the atmosphere of Orbit, with its gentle clicking drums and soulful vocal clips, yet it has that edge of hostility with its growling sub bass, which keep things interesting. Possibly my favourite of the bunch, I seriously recommend this one!

Nexus & Tight – Dark Matter (Buy)

Another artist I’ve had my eye on for a good while (believe it or not, Nexus & Tight is just one guy!). Dark Matter is a definite change of tone from an album of mostly sweet piano-led rollers, with a nice dark vibe and some killer stabs (lol).

Akranes – Best of You ft. Oonie Staerck (Buy)

Admittedly, I’m a sucker for a gorgeous half-time tune, and this is no exception. Made only better as the beat gets faster halfway through, Best of You is truly gripping, and fantastic use of a stunning vocalist in Oonie Staerck is made. There’s always that one real shiver-inducing track, and this track grabs that award without a doubt for me.

There are of course a number of great tunes I haven’t mentioned, but I will let you go and check those out for yourself! Well done to the Soulvent crew for this release!

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