Nymfo Returns To C.I.A With The Stop Motion EP

Posted by Snapclicker on 24th November 2016

Yay! Another CIA release hits the inbox! It’s like getting a pound coin sellotaped to a b’day card from your Gran. Well, maybe not but you get the point.

Dutch native Nymfo returns to CIA with his Stop Motion EP, beginning with a collab featuring the vocal delights of Riya. Something Tells Me is a lovely tune. It traverses the line of liquid roller, one side deftly laced with Riya’s charming sound while the bass has enough bite and depth to make it more than your average drum and bass tempo sing song.

Buy: https://ciarecords1.bandcamp.com/album/stop-motion-ep

Second on the A side of the vinyl is Barfly. This tune is dope. This is a teeny tiny time capsule, slingshotting you back to the era of ‘Snapshot’ etc (so close!). It’s like being told a joke starting with ‘Bambaata by Shy FX walks into a bar (The Barfly in Camden perhaps) and…..’ instead of laughing, you’re too busy raving because this has just come on the jukebox and people are doing a dance.

Flip over the your nice circular vinyl disc and title track Stop Motion gets side B moving. This is also dope. The time capsule vibe of this record is great! It’s not looking back and taking stuff without asking, it’s going through a library, picking out the best books and bringing them to friends houses. This is covered head to toe in odes to a golden era. Get to know!

Buy: https://ciarecords1.bandcamp.com/album/stop-motion-ep

Bread & Butter calls time on the EP and is a hit of melodic synthy movement. It’s actually one of the highlights of the release as whole, mainly because it seems so unexpected. If I had to compare it to something to entice you, it’s like, ah sod it, go and buy the record. Really solid release with enough substance and great production to warrant a few pennies from the jar to rattle out and into the artist’s pocket.

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