Mutt & Tedder – Sinnerman EP (Fokuz Recordings)

Posted by Adam on 20th November 2016

Are there two words in the English language which sit better together than Mutt and Fokuz? Mutt is a household name for this brand of drum and bass, alongside Fokuz who have been home to countless producers who should often have far more props than deserved.

It was with huge pleasure when this hit the inbox, Mutt teaming up with fellow Canadian Tedder for a solid 12″. I know plenty of people who’s appetite’s will be stirring at the sight of fresh Mutt & Tedder material. Out to those of us who used to order in records to our local stores for this exact style. Your time.

The Sinnerman EP opens with Right From Wrong which is full jungle workout, licked from head to toe with dub and reggae character. The bass is weighty, the drums are classic and the whole track is a boisterous pleasure, guaranteed to spice up any rolling section of a DJ set. Sometimes people do need to be reminded what’s right from wrong, and there’s absolutely nowt wrong with the humble magnetism to this riddim.


Title track Sinnerman is a lively and instantly recognisable ode to Ms Simone’s anthem. Over the years, Mutt’s always had a habit of turning to sampled gems and his collaboration here with Tedder is no different. Whilst doing exactly what you’d expect it to, that’s no bad thing. The gratifying delight of tunes like this is that for most drum and bass heads, there will always be a place in our hearts for innocent and unassuming liquid.

While this 12″ isn’t exactly an all guns blazing Statham action blockbuster, it is one of those quaint independent ones you’ll gladly recommend and share amongst friends (by sending them the correct link to buy the tunes of course…!)

Im also glad for Fokuz, a label who’s output has been uncompromising over the years and a harbour for some fantastic music.

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