Mako & DLR Step Into The Metalheadz Arena With Their Fantastic OneMind Collaboration

Posted by Adam on 26th November 2016

These two producers have been growing in ability and stature over the past 5 years or so and it’s great to see something as fruitful as the OneMind venture. Metalheadz will be releasing an album’s worth of material across 3 EP’s, the first of which is EP1.

Side one begins with the skitty rattlesnake Skin Dem. True to much of the Headz output of late, it’s a throwback to a cultured sound given new life through crisp production and nimble arrangement. It’s got the punch of Jonny L’s ‘See Red’ with a collection of samples that will drag you straight back to Sundays at Blue Note.


Early Evolution featuring Ulterior Motive is a sparse affair which takes about 2 minutes to get going, but it’s worth waiting for. Industrial and mechanical, this track lurches and stumbles through itself until a welcomed atmospheric break in the middle. I’m a big fan of Ulterior Motive and it’s good to see a coherent 4 producer track fortified with enough growl to leave a Rottweiler reeling.

Flip over and the B side kicks off with 2 On Each Side. Basically, don’t even attempt to listen to this without ample speakers or you’ll miss half the tune…! It’s a low end workout in the most traditional and uncompromising way. The sounds all have room to breathe, not battling for the front and while it’s probably not going to be the most eventful track you’ll own in 2016, it’s sturdy.


Closing the EP is Expliciticity ft Om Unit. If I described the last track as uncompromising, this most certainly picks up where it left off (least of all the track name, still trying to say it right!). Early Metalheadz releases were a golden era of sound for me personally. You could hear so many influences in the tunes and they really were like listening to jazz records. This collab is a lot like that, it’s fully thugged out but has a proper sense of depth and belonging to the swirling Headz logo on the vinyl’s centre.

Overall I can see this release not blowing a lot of people away, which is a shame. I can imagine John Peel being sent this 12″ and playing it on the radio, talking about forward thinking it is. Maybe that’s just the nostalgia OneMind are managing to stir in me. But I guess that’s maybe the point? Who knows, it would be interesting to hear someone’s opinion about listening to these types of sounds for the first time.

Buy the record, good people, good tunes, good vibes.

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