LSB’s Long Awaited Debut Album ‘Content’ Finally Arrives

Posted by Adam on 24th November 2016

LSB. Three simple letters that over the last few years have become synonymous with the best in soulful, rolling Drum & Bass. With a modestly sized but hugely enjoyable back catalogue behind him the man from Chelmsford, just 20 minutes from where I grew up as it happens, has steadily become one of the most celebrated producers in the scene.

“I’ve been making DnB for over a decade…I just wanted to write an album for the people who have supported me, stay true to them and true to myself and the scene.” Source: in-reach

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The hype was real when the album was announced but when the lead single, Missing You / Tumult, was released I was ever so slightly worried that he’d found a winning formula and stuck with it. I’m not saying the single wasn’t good, that would be ridiculous, but seeing the same names on a similar track leading into an album can, in some cases, pave the way for a predictable album.

Man was I proved wrong.

The album is a journey of luscious, emotive and heartwarming music that tells a story with one of the most enjoyable, but most likely overlooked, aspects being that the tracks range from 4 to 8 minutes long – you just don’t see that any more.

“Early on I’d decided it was going to be all DnB and all what i’d associate with traditional DnB, i.e. 6 minute plus tracks, varied arrangements and progressions that try and reward patient listeners” Source: in-reach

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Content is everything I had wanted and expected multiplied by 10 and the undoubted best track from the LP is a total curve ball featuring Sense MC.

This is powerful. Watch.

In summary this is a fantastic album and, without doubt, one of the best LPs of 2016. If you like it buy it.


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