INTERVIEW: We Talk To Mitekiss About His Debut Release On SGN:LTD

Posted by Adam on 3rd November 2016

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, why don’t you start by telling us a bit about who Mitekiss is.
Sure. I’m from Croydon, and I’m currently known as a symbol that looks like a face but also says MK when put on its side.

You’re a relatively new name to the scene but have already featured on MTA Records, started your own label and are about to make your debut on SGN:LTD. How did your journey into Drum & Bass, and subsequently production, begin.
My journey into DNB comes from being a school kid and hearing my siblings and their friends blast it everyday, this was about 16 years ago, and it’s also when I started making music. I got into production because it was around me, my older brother was making tunes so I naturally wanted to try too. I haven’t stopped since and I still love it 11 years on.

And what would you say has been the key to your rapid rise in popularity?
From my point of view, it doesn’t feel like a rapid rise so much, I guess because I’ve been at it so long it feels more like I’m just starting to get noticed more. It’s more like a wave, bear with me on this one…I’ve been dragging along the ocean floor, slowly building momentum and mass over a long time and now I’m just peaking my head above the water and people can start to see me. Maybe one day people will surf on me. Ok…Worst analogy you’ve ever had.

The key though has been other people willing to give me a platform and there’s no doubt the lads over at Skank & Bass supporting my tune Void at the start of the year have kick started the recent rise in getting heard. They support all my new stuff too, I owe them a massive one.

Also, I used to harass (and I still do when I think about it) labels, artists, blogs and magazines daily. I’ve got hundreds of unanswered emails and messages and thankfully, some people responded! That’s how I got to releasing a couple of tunes with Skank & Bass.

So…an EP on SGN:LTD is just around the corner, you must be seriously hyped! How did that come about?
Yeah, well hyped! Friction picked up Void and played it on Radio 1, which in turn led to me reaching out to him for an email so I could send him more tunes. He supported a few more and then I started sending him lots of unsigned bits to take a listen too, from that came the idea of doing an EP for SGN. I got invited down to Shogun HQ to meet him, K-Tee and the team and here we are.


The EP has a real musical element to it, lots of chords and pads etc, which give it a very warm feeling and makes for some gorgeous rollers. Who are your musical influences both within and outside of DnB.
It would be crazy to not mention Calibre, Adam F, Marcus Intalex, Alix Perez, London Elektricity, High Contrast, LSB and Ivy Lab as influences to name a few. I would also like to say Naibu, but he’s not an influence, if anything he makes you want to stop making music, because you listen to his shit and you’re like ‘nah, what’s the point’, I mean, that Habitat album is something else…

From outside of DNB, I have so many influences, from Burial to Blondie and Stevie Wonder to The Strokes, I’ve always loved a wide range of music. But, if I had to choose one big influence it would be disco, particularly that late 70’s to early 80’s period, The Whispers, Shalamar, really god awful cheesy but serious groove type disco. I love that shit.

You worked with vocalist Mr Porter on the absolutely wicked track ‘No War Inna Dance’, which is my favourite from the EP, how did you end up working with him?
Thanks man, that’s the track I was interested to hear people’s reactions to the most actually. I’ve worked with Mr Porter AKA Goldenchild MC for years! He’s been in the scene for a long time and MC’d with the greats, so to work with him is a touch. Luckily for me, he happens to be my brother-in-law so that’s been an easy one, if he didn’t work with me, I’d convince my sister to divorce him.

Talking of favourites…if you HAD to pick, what’s your personal favourite from the EP?
It’s gotta be Final Hours for me. I couldn’t tell you why, but it’s that one.


Thanks mate! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Yeah, if you get the time, check out some of the music my label Goldfat is putting out. We’ve got this artist PIN and he’s one to look out for. He’s got a really unique vibe going on and his next release is on the 7th of November! Also, thanks so much for listening to me ramble.


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