Alix Perez Releases More Unbelievable Freshness on 1985 Music

Posted by Ben on 28th November 2016

1985 Music is a proper hub of forward thinking creativity and individual talent; namely Alix Perez. All four EPs released so far have featured original productions from the man himself, and the latest, Numbers, is no different. Quite a few of the releases so far are have been slower, but this one really isn’t, and the 5 tracks in it are as rolling as they are clean.

For those acquainted with how Perez makes Drum & Bass this EP will be easily recognisable, and for those who don’t, The Raven makes for a  forceful opener. Growling and murky, all the action takes place on the edges of your hearing capabilities, buried away in the background. Inside Your Love is another rippling number, and I love how the monotony of the bass kick gets wrapped up in the soft vocal shimmers, it gives the track such a consistent fluidity.

The aptly named Drifiting brings things into the fore a little more, but still maintains the airy slickness that characterises this release. I say aptly named because be prepared to drift away to this one, the rich atmospheric backdrop does fantastically with yet another set of impossibly crisp drums. The title track, Numbers, is a collaboration with vocalist Benadu and definitely my favourite cut from the EP. The vocals are gentle and wispy, the swelling pads mask a bass line so subtle you can barely hear it, and its all tied up with more Perez clinicality.

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Now, the last track that needs mentioning was given away free to celebrate the Beatport Exclusive release. Floating has a bit more instrumentation that the other tunes, and the introductory strings contrast really well, making the rolling minimalism of the main body that much smoother.

Numbers is collection of incredibly solid music from Alix Perez, and what I mean by that is these tunes are similar to each other and to his previous work, but they’re still individually superb regardless. I feel like his own unique style comes from honing the basic elements to near perfection, and then layering only what’s necessary on top. All these tracks only have what they need, and the freshness is palpable. Pick em up from Beatport here.

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