Ageing Trio Blu Mar Ten Try To Rekindle Youth By Using Old Samples On New Album

Posted by Adam on 27th November 2016

OK so that headline is a bit mean but it’s all in jest as I know Chris from Blu Mar Ten (I’m convinced, he’s my best friend) outside of the internet and did pre-warn him…

Anyway…The trio, who have a been part of our scene for longer than some of you have been alive (25 years to be exact), are back with their seventh studio album and I could not be more excited.

“Musically it’s the same button we’ve been pressing since day one, trying to find that particular and delicate place between sadness and hope. We rarely find it, exactly, but we come close sometimes. It’s like they say about jazz players, always trying to find the ‘lost chord’. We’ve deliberately made things more lo-fi on this album, and used old sounds and methods, deliberately quoting them, even.” Source: UKF

You can check out a preview of the album below and if you’re smart you head over to the BMT website now to pre-order yourself a copy.

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