1991 Finally Manages To Release His Debut EP ‘Dim Sum’

Posted by Ben on 30th November 2016

About 4 months ago we counted down our top 7 artists to watch this year and among them was 1991, a producer who earlier this year sort of just…arrived. His first two singles went down a treat, along with a couple of quality remixes for My Nu Leng and Chase and Status. Well, 9 months on from Sprites, 1991 has his Dim Sum EP queued up to be released through MTA Records on the 9th of December.

Dim Sum has been drip fed onto Soundcloud over the past month, it’s a strategy a few labels are starting to bring in now, and whilst I’m sure it’s great marketing wise I do feel like it takes away from the excitement value of it all. Having said that, the last few weeks I’ve had a blast listening to these tunes so I guess I can only tip my hat to 1991, Seb and the rest of the MTA crew.

The music then, and the title track kicks things off in quite unfamiliar territory. Dim Sum is one of two halftime tunes on the release, but it’s not akin to your typical urban Sam Binga stepper, instead think more MrSuicideSheep after a six pack of red bull and some Tangfastics. This track has an undeniable uniqueness, and although the synth lines are almost cheesy there’s a bucket-load of weight behind them that makes this one infectiously bouncy.

Buy: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dim-sum-ep/id1156854480

Playtime doesn’t stop there however, in fact Steezy  is the guy going around topping up everyone’s Coke, full fat obviously. I absolutely love this track, the funkiness is off the charts and I can’t help but picture hundreds of people bopping along ungracefully to the swing-step rhythm, something I feel artists massively under use. It’s great to hear it here, and I have a feeling Steezy might prove to be a fan favourite for a little while, so keep an ear out.

Now if you’re looking for bangers, dancefloor orientated tunes that are certain to make people move in unforeseeable ways, Jungle Cats will be your highlight. Another very original cut, this one has an Oriental slash Jungle theme to it, snarling cats and pouring rain all forming part of the background ambience. I stress the word background through, because the main attraction is, to put it in gentle terms, a fuck off massive bassy synth that launches out the buildup like a rocket. Jungle Cats is big to say the least, so I’ll let it do all the talking.

Buy: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dim-sum-ep/id1156854480

The second of the two halftime tunes mentioned earlier is Bohemian, which approaches the tempo from a much more minimal, almost experimental direction. Gone are the welcoming synths, replaced instead by a collection of thick stabs and industrial percussion hits. This track isn’t to my liking as much as the others, however it’s reminiscent of Mefjus‘ Sunday Crunk remix, and definitely appealing to those who like music without frills, grating and stripped back. The second drop also a deserves a mention, so make sure to listen all the way through for that.

Dim Sum is an eclectic gathering of different styles and influences, but they all work together really well and manage to compliment each other at the same time. I think the artwork deserves a mention too, after lots of boring triangles it’s cool to see some creativity, and the neon glare looks great with the 1991 logo. For a debut EP 1991 has outdone himself here, all 4 of these tunes show he can conjure up the right vibes for any occasion, and I’m excited to see what he gets up to next year.

You can pre-order Dim Sum through iTunes here.

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