Med School’s Iconic New Blood Compilation Returns With New Blood 016

Posted by Adam on 14th October 2016

I’ve spoken before about my love and adoration for Med School Music, along with the fact that I think they’re one of the best labels in Drum & Bass, and now I can share with you the latest addition to the jewel in their crown; the New Blood series.

As the series was disappointingly absent last year New Blood 016 picks up where New Blood 014, an album that I absolutely adore, left off.

For those unfamiliar with these albums (where the hell have you been for the last few years!) the New Blood series is all about showcasing the best in exciting, up and coming talent from every corner of the world and every aspect of our glorious scene.

You’ll be taken on a journey through the down tempo and surreal…

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…via some new age jungle sounds…

…and it’s all fucking brilliant…

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Once again, and I find myself saying this every time I write about their music, Med School proves that they’re the best in the biz.

1. Receptor – Magnetism
2. Insect – Waterbombs
3. Lurch – Weather Change
4. MilkyWay – Far Away
5. Lynch Kingsley & Ilk – Spells
6. Nami – Through the Night
7. Oshirijima – Peace
8. Sun – Roots
9. Polaris – Found You
10. Neve – Magic Flute
11. Pearse Hawkins – Hawkshaw
12. Integer – Ursa Minor
13. Distant Future & MT – Hardware
14. Hiddenwave – Everything
15. Against – Blood Shards
16. Missing – Back to Jungle
17. Surie – Pathfinder

AgainstDistant FutureHiddenwaveInsectIntegerLurchLynch KingsleyMed School MusicMilkywayMissingNamiNeveOshirijimaPearsePolarisReceptorSunSurie

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