LSB’s Debut Album Edges Closer With The Release Of The Lead Single ‘Missing You’

Posted by Snapclicker on 23rd October 2016

LSB has really hit his stride at Soul:R, another label worthy of your full attention with each release.

LSB, DRS and Tyler Daley are brought together on title track Missing You. It’s rubbish and all the artists involved should give up, instantly. Said no one, ever. Come on! This lot together again?! And I’m not even going to mention ‘that’ track. This is a graceful and luxurious tune. Crisp production as we’ve come to expect, Daley’s voice delicately riding the beat and DRS coming with the type of lyrical content which really has cemented his name as one of the UK’s finest MC’s. Every part of this is illustrative of 3 artists i’ve missed since their last outing, and it’s great to see them back again. This a mature and dignified ode to who i can only assume is Salford John (Rest In Paradise) who the Manchester lot are still deeply injured from losing. As the leaves start to fall and the colour of the scenery around us starts turning gloomy and cold, this is a proper winter warmer, laced with memory and emotion.


The flip Tumult picks up the pace instantly, the perfect companion to the previous track. LSB’s clearly a man capable of turning his hand to different styles. While this isn’t exactly an earth shaker, it packs enough to get any floor moving. For a track with what sounds like wind chimes in, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re about to get your chakras aligned or a nice little massage. Instead, you’ve got a 15 stone thai woman dancing over your spine, making it a beastly little neck snapper!


Subtle and lovely artwork, a dreamy and emotive A side with a barking terrier of a B side, LSB and Soul:R have yet again produced a 12″ well worth every single penny.


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