Kimyan Law Announces New Album ‘Zawadi’ To Be Released On Blu Mar Ten Music “Late November”

Posted by Adam on 17th October 2016

For any of you who are familiar with the site and have been frequenting these pages for a while you’ll already know that I have a lot of love for Kimyan Law and his debut album Coeur Calme. This was an album that became more than a collection of tunes to me; it became an album that I’d listen to on both my best best and worst days and it would always be exactly what I needed. It was, quite simply, a masterpiece. And now he’s back…


Coming “late November”, exactly 2 years after his debut album was released, Kimyan Law’s 2nd album, called Zawadi (which is Swahili for gifts, FYI), will be released on Blu Mar Ten Music and I could not be any more excited. Just look at that artwork!

I’ve been lucky enough to hear the album in its entirety and whilst I sadly can’t share any of it with you now I can wholeheartedly tell you that it is utterly incredible. It makes Coeur Calme, an album that I have already professed my undying love for, sound like a toddler banging a wooden spoon on a saucepan that’s balanced on its head.

Drum & Bass, a genre which Kimyan Law’s music loosely fits in to, is becoming ever saturated with generic “bangers” and radio friendly “anthems” which is what makes this album even more special. Why just sustain and perpetuate a scene when you can be at the forefront, changing it? This is where Kimyan Law, and indeed Blu Mar Ten Music, live.

My stupid human words cannot adequately convey how good this album is. I strongly urge you to pre-order a copy now, before you’ve even heard a single second of audio, because you will be listening to this for the rest of your life.

Pre-order Zawadi –

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