Karma Continues To Impress With The Augmented EP On Shogun Audio

Posted by Snapclicker on 16th October 2016

The circle of Karma is a funny old thing. Signed to a label I used to manage, I’ve been well aware of this guy’s ability for years and was chuffed to pieces to see him find a new home at Shogun after doing some absolutely killer releases for us at CYN.

The Augmented EP is the continued progression of an artist brimming with talent and ability. If he isn’t on your radar by now, then you need to do something about that quicktime or you’ll be left looking plain silly as he’s clearly been busy cooking up some treats. (Yes, some more food based critiques incoming, deal with it).

Active features the input of label founder Friction and is a track clearly built for dance floor destruction. It’s textbook build up and meaty drop hammers the point home and this is an obvious addition to any DJ set looking for maximum impact. For fans of his previous work there are little touches throughout you’ll have heard before and they’re nice reminders of previous dishes. A proper tough cookie with a solid bite.

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Make It Through is a gleaming soulful number sprinkled with delightful little touches throughout. With British Bake Off crumbling at the sides, this is cooked to perfection, not a soggy bottom in sight. With Spectrasoul off doing their own thing and having seen first hand Karma’s ability to make this type of emotive drum and bass, I’d love to see some more of this in his future output. It’s warm and satisfying and a great addition to a 4 track package.

EP title track Augmented features Forren. Again, it’s hard not to use the word warm to describe this but even the bass, gnarly as it may be, is like Break has taken a valium and toned down some of his more brutish tunes resulting in this great steppy little number. The vocals drift in and out, and don’t impact on the tune massively as it’s the drum work and rich bass which give this one characteristics and charm. Contender for star baker without doubt.

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Closing the EP is ‘Unwounded ft. Bonnie Wylde’ and is without doubt my favourite side to Karma’s production style. As a label, Shogun has always had a knack of putting out emotive tunes with solid amount of depth in them, making them versatile between club and a bop to the shop. The piano gives the track a touch of the epic and the vocal is enough to carry that through into a great piece of music. Wilkinson always said he loved Karma’s drums, and i’ve got to say i’m still a massive fan.

Overall, this is a solid continuation of what I sincerely hope will be a long and successful career for a hard working and great producer. With the backing of a label suited to his sound and nudging him in the right direction, fingers crossed an album project isn’t too far off and he can show the full extent of his talents. The charm of Karma’s music is that it doesn’t scream in your face. The elements come together naturally and when he nails it, he nails to the f**king wall.

My only complaint (and this is genuinely just me being a cretin), is yet more squares and triangles on drum and bass artwork. Yes, we’ve all been guilty of it but… Someone have a word, Mel and Sue will be on the blower kicking off as it’s definitely not a show stopper….

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