Interview & Guest Mix From Arcatype Ahead Of Their New EP On Ingredients

Posted by Adam on 13th October 2016

We first heard of Arcatype, a trio of producers based in Manchester and London, last year when they made their debut on Ingredients Records and we loved what we heard. After a considerable wait they’re back with some brand new material and a wicked guest mix for us. Check out the mix below and our interview with the chaps after that.

Alright lads, how are you all?
Hi, we are doing very well thank you. We’ve recently finished a 4-day production session down in London, working on a couple of new tracks that are taking shape nicely. With the summer over and more time on our hands we’ve got loads of time booked in for the next few months so looking forward to getting all our ideas down.

What have you been up to in 2016? Any stand out moments so far?
Well, it’s nice to get the 2nd EP out on Ingredients and play our first few gigs as a trio. The Ingredients night at Lightbox back in June was a special one as was our debut London set after the debut EP last November. Asides from that, Justin and Tommy have just completed their masters degrees and Karl has quit his day job so now it’s all systems go in the studio!

So you’re back with a new EP on Ingredients, following up last year’s Tempest EP, did you approach this release any differently?
Interestingly, two of the tracks on the new EP were started around the same time as those on the first EP. It was nice to have ideas down already, and it was just a process of deciding where we wanted to take them. All three tracks have gone through a lot of changes, mostly Nocturne, which I think we re-made a few times before we were happy with it. We nearly scrapped it all together before Tommy had one final go trying to get it right and managed to breathe some life into it. It actually had a whole vocal top line which we took out a week or so before sending off for mastering. In general though we approached this release with a view making tracks we would be happy playing out, with harder hitting beats and bass.


A year between releases is quite a long time, have you been locked away honing your craft in the studio? It definitely sounds like you have
The only downside to there being three if us, is that we all have to be happy with every element of a track before we sign it off. Also this year has been busy for all three of us outside of music, so it was hard finding the time for all of us to sit down together. We managed a few sessions here and there – but now we have more free time, our productivity has already increased. In terms of honing our craft, I think we all wanted the second EP to move on from the first in terms of production value, whilst still retaining the same vibe. All the tracks offer something slightly different whilst not straying too far from the sound we’re trying to create.


The music has a serene, ambient feel but maintains energy and pace throughout – is this something you set out to do? Combining the light with the dark, as they say
You’re not wrong there – combining those emotive musical elements with energetic drums and deep bass lines is what we’re striving for. I think we’re all inspired by music that can move you but still maintains that darker edge. We try to take influences from artists who have achieved this in jazz, soul, funk, drum and bass and beyond – people like Submotion Orchestra & Biosphere have been a huge inspiration, as well as artists like Doc Scott, dBridge and Break who are amazing at bringing in those musical elements, then switching them out for something darker.

Do any of you have a personal favourite track? I think mine has to be New Funk.
Cheers! We’re very happy with the way New Funk has turned out. Perhaps not a favourite but for us the track that we feel is the strongest has to be Nocturne. When the final version as it now appears on the EP finally came together it was a real turning point in where we wanted our sound to be, as we think it hits that combination of the light and dark that you mentioned.


What’s next for you now the EP is out – can we expect more new music in the near future?
Just getting in as much studio time as possible really. We’ve been experimenting more in synthesizing our own sounds rather than reaching for an easy sample or loop, which is getting some good results. That and playing more gigs is our main focus for the time being. Rest assured there will be new music out soon.

Cheers chaps, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
That’s all for now…don’t want to be giving too much away ;) Thanks for the questions and supporting the release and one big final shout out to Clive for putting out our material and dealing with the nightmare that are pressing plants these days…speaking of which the 12” vinyl will finally be in stores soon!

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