Hospital’s ‘Future Sound Of Series’ Jets Off To Canada For It’s Final Outing Of 2016

Posted by Snapclicker on 16th October 2016

So the Hospital Records Future Sounds train keeps rolling, this time taking in the sights and sounds of Canada.

For those of you old enough to remember Due South, a programme off the telly box about a Mountie and his trusty hound, the bar had already been set pretty high for exports from this kind, stunning, Poutine filled nation. (Look up Poutine, thank me later. Nom nom).

Opener Conduit by Schematic & Polaris is a nice tune. It’s got the build up elements of an album opener and the crispy deep fried bassline is a great introduction into a 6 track EP. Maple syrup at the ready ladies and gents, this could be a good’n.

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Gremlinz is up next who has put out some absolute fizzers in the past. This is a drum fest which dare I say it, wouldn’t be out of place on a Metalheadz release. This tune is sick. Hearing modern approaches and tekkers mix downs to old school flavours is always fun and while Forest Hill’s Hospital A&R team have to deal with the never ending blight of Southern Rail’s constant fails, Gremlinz and his Tactical Rail turns up right on time and batters it.

Schematic and Polaris both then offer up solo tracks. Schematic’s Learn From The Past (feat Victor Davies) is a lush liquidated one which has come on shuffle a few times and has grown on me with each listen. Light In Your Eyes by Polaris is another example of these Canadians melting down the snow laden mountains and giving us some dreamy, fluid and melodic dance music. Really mature production on all counts.

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Levrige‘s The Legend then takes the EP on a swift detour. Ok, so Canada is famous for big mountains, weird looking police and of course, Ryan Gosling. ‘The Legend’ must be about his little brother who is odd, lives in a cave and doesn’t talk to people much. I like this tune, but it IS very weird! It’s ambles along in an infectious way, some might say ‘future jungle’ but i’d prefer to say it’s more like tickling a Rasta Elk’s belly and hearing how he feels about it.

Seeing us out of passport control is Gideon by Stranjah. (Please visit earlier articles to read my views on spelling things properly but he’s Canadian, so he could be on aboot anything). Nice percussion and simple tones make this one of the more wafty tunes on the release but the second drop has a bigger impact so make sure you stay seated until takeoff, with your tables in upright position.

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All in all, i’m into this release. Canada’s one of my favourite places and there are some clearly very talented artists working out there. It’s good to see a label of Hospital’s size taking a punt both digitally and more importantly physically on these guys. Plus apparently 50% of the world’s polar bears live there, so maybe they’ll start getting involved too. Yeah, it’s still not as good as Due South but that had a wolf in it, and i like wolves…. BUT it does have hockey players on the sleeve so, essentially if there isn’t something for you on this record, you can puck off.

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