Dance & Shag With Dossa & Locuzzed As They Deliver A Serious Guest Mix & Talk About Their New Single On Viper

Posted by Adam on 2nd October 2016

Dossa & Locuzzed have been collaborating for over a year now and since they signed to Viper earlier this year we’ve begun to see their own, unique style of Drum & Bass flourish. With their brand new single, Dance / Shag, just released we had a chat with the Austrian duo and they were kind enough to drop us this wicked guest mix.

First of all, how’s it going guys? Been up to much the past week?
Hi, very good thanks! Had a beautiful and productive summer, but also looking forward to the club season again.

How did your relationship start? Was it a musical thing from the get-go or was that side of things something that just developed over time?
We’ve been knowing each other for quite some time as the Drum & Bass scene in our hometown is very overseeable. So we kept sending each other tunes and already inspired us mutually with our solo projects. Then in early 2015 we teamed up for our first tune Friday that later even got played by MistaJam, and our second one Hollow made it on
Viper’s Summer Slammers 2015.. So quite motivating things happened and we kept on doing music together.

Following on from that, how do your individual creative processes fit into a partnership dynamic?
We rarely sit together in the studio, the creative process mostly happens on our individual setups in our flats – this is really important to keep full creative freedom for both of us. It just takes time to get an idea to a stage where it can be presented to someone, you couldn’t finish that when the other part is already waiting to take over.
There is no strict division in our work as we both have our own workflow, but we keep sending us ideas and exchange projects all the time so we get all of the ideas to paper. As we have a mutual vision of our sound, in the end there usually are no big arguments at all.

You have a really unique, recognizable vibe to your tracks, which I love. How’d you stumble upon that?
Thanks! In general we’re both listening to loads of different styles of music that influence our sound a lot. But obviously we both got caught by the funky vibe, and since then we try our best to bring back all this into Drum & Bass and create something fresh sounding. It can be a struggle sometimes to work out an outstanding pattern and integrate it into a tune you could play out at a rave, but in the end it always pays off when you drop it and it
just works the way it should.

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You signed onto the incredible label that is Viper earlier this year, which must’ve been pretty intense! How’s it going on that end, and what drew you to them?
Yes, we’re really happy about this opportunity and feel honoured to be part of Viper. We’re both big fans of the label since we got into Drum & Bass. As we already had releases on some Viper compilations, Brendan Futurebound brought an exclusive deal to the table when we sent him our latest bunch of tunes earlier this year. It seemed very reasonable to us as we now can concentrate on making music rather than searching platforms for it.

So onto your latest single, tell me about Shag. How’d this tune come about and what’s up with the name?
Well, it’s like in real life. First you dance, then you shag. We actually had a discussion with our manager Asad where we philosophized about the different dance/shag order in different cultures. The tune itself came together quite fast – it took us around a month from start to finish, including the mixdown.

Dance is also pretty intriguing, very eclectic and the drums are really interesting. Was this a eureka moment track or did it take you a while to slog it out?
Thanks! There was a eureka moment after months of back and forth working out the idea of the tune, as we started it from scratch without a concrete concept. We just wanted to make a fresh sounding dancefloor tune dropping into those synth pad sounds we love, so it took some effort and time to figure out how this thing should sound as there’s no reference material to this style. After another couple of months mixing the tune finally worked out – and the drop makes us dance every time in our sets.

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You’ve said before that you’re aiming to bring the funk back to Drum & Bass, was this something you had in mind when making this single?
Definitely, this concept is in our mind all the time! 9. What kind of reception have they been getting live? I’d imagine plenty of reloads for Shag! We really looked forward to release these tunes as we were playing earlier versions since February. Dance made a great job as intro as you could really see people didn’t expect that
kinda drop. And as you say – Shag requests a reload almost every time – the people go mad for it!

Are there any other artists that have been blowing you away recently, or that you feel deserve some love?
Plenty of them. Drum & Bass just exploded last year, so many artists out there ate killing it! We’re really impressed by latest tunes from Ownglow, label-mate BMotion and also fellow-Austrian Dorian, to name just a few. Also, Frederic Robinson is dropping an album soon which really blew our mind when we first heard it!

Finally, are we ever going to hear more than 2 minutes of your Cold Rock A Party remix, and what else can we expect to hear from you guys moving forward?
It should be out very soon, actually we’re really looking forward to the release as well. Unfortunately not in our hands! We’re just putting the final touches on our next single at the moment and are working on another bunch of tunes, no rest for the wicked!

Thanks a lot for your time guys, it’s much appreciated!
Thank you for having us!!

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