Audeka – Lost Souls LP (MethLab)

Posted by Adam on 25th October 2016

Now, this is a Drum & Bass site, obviously – it’s in the name for god’s sake, however from time to time I get sent something that doesn’t fit into our lovely little 170bpm world that is so good it commands respect and deserves attention. This is one of those occasions.

The Lost Souls LP, a creation of American trio Audeka, was recently released on the MethLab agency’s still young label MethLab Recordings and is a head first dive into the world of sound design and surrealism. In a recent interview with UKF they described the album as “An exploration of the abyss filled with unexpected encounters, seemingly indestructible foes, and a fading light of hope that is constantly pursued.” which is great because they’ve done my job for me there and described it down to a tee.

It’s impossible not to draw a comparison to Rawtekk when listening to this album, perhaps because they are the only other name I know that makes this kind of surreal and otherworldy music and they do collaborate on a track called Necromacy which is one of the LPs highlights, but whilst it’s similar it’s, at the same time, totally different – a paradox, I know.

Given the trio’s liking for visuals and sound painting a picture I will finish off my piece by describing the album as it looks to me in my head while I listen to it;

Imagine a cliff face, in the dead of night being beaten mercilessly by a sea with the anger of a thousand gods behind it which only calms for a few moments as the waves are pulled back into the water before another barrage begins.



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