Spectrasoul Are Back With The ‘Stock Sound’ EP On Their Ish Chat Imprint

Posted by Snapclicker on 18th October 2016

I think one of the most fascinating things about drum and bass in recent years has been the departure of artists from mainstay labels and creating their own. To me, that comes with a huge amount of question marks, pitfalls but also more importantly, creativity. Having worked at a label, run a label and attempted to start my own, i’ve seen a lot of the highs and lows of going it alone.

I was really interested to hear what this EP would be like when it hit the inbox, mainly as i’m wondering who is A&Ring their stuff now. Basically, who is telling an artist who runs their own label if the music they want to put out is crap or not…

Stock Sound is a choppy little affair, with a ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’ sample. Personally, not one for me but as i said before, it’s really interesting to see that the boys have chosen a slightly odd and unconfined tune to lead an EP. Progress!

Buy: https://spectrasoul.bandcamp.com/album/stock-sound-ep

The second tune on the 12″ hit me right in the sweet spot. My love for well made soulful 174bpm style music (note I’m not saying liquid in case someone gets their knickers in a twist) is pretty well known. And boy, this one does some decent damage to the ticker. The vocals are lovely and it’s textbook Speccysol, making you want to grab your phone and ping over a suitable emoji to your significant other. ‘Waiting For’ t’is a beaut.

AKA Yoob is something even my spelling watchdog can’t f with as i have absolutely no idea what the hell they’re on about. Luckily, the tune itself is slightly less confusing! Bouncey, energetic and well produced, this is clearly a direction the duo are wanting to head towards.

Buy: https://spectrasoul.bandcamp.com/album/stock-sound-ep

Rounding off the record is Tough Line, already one of my favourite track names of the year. While I’m not totally sold on the vocal itself, this tune is like Jaws motoring towards a thrashing bikini clad woman on the surface. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water and people had stopped playing ‘Ben’, another fantastically named sludge-fisted banger, this comes along to knock out a few teeth. Expect this one to be gracing floors well into the new year.

Being that Ish Chat is a new creation and they’re clearly being all round good guys, there are 2 bonus tracks with this EP. Frogspawn ft Break is exactly the opposite of what i was expecting to hear upon reading those artist names together. It’s totally bonkers, again moving in a direction far far removed from the ‘classic’ Spectrasoul sound. Gold Standard is another step away from the temples of Shogun. Perhaps it’s because i moved to the countryside and don’t drink craft beer in North London or wear reeeeeeally long urban t shirts but i’m not totally getting these tunes. However, as i always say, this is just one clown’s opinion, so go out and make your own mind up.

For me, the Stock Sound EP has 2 huge highlights being Waiting For and Tough Linen, both of which are vintage Spectrasoul tunes. What is yet to be seen is whether the new direction and label can culminate in something very special or continue to offer up a mixed bag.

Don’t get it twisted though, this is still worth putting some papers down on. Plus you get free stickers. And who doesn’t like stickers eh. Plus they’ve gone it alone, a brave step, so make sure if you’re feeling the music, you’re helping them along the way please.

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