The Mysterious Dawn Wall Strikes Again With The Ember EP

Posted by Dan on 18th September 2016

After a good nine months since the well-received Longshanks EP, the enigma that is Dawn Wall has returned once again with a brand new record! Packed full of vibrant Drum And Bass, the Ember EP marks Dawn Wall’s fourth release on Integral Records.

The EP opens with I See U, a lovely chilled tune with crisp drums and a gorgeous piano melody, rather typical of Dawn Wall (of course, not a bad thing). However, things start to really get interesting when a bizarre contorted bass kicks in a little way through, adding some extra depth to the track and making for some brilliant listening! Blood Diamond meanwhile shows Dawn Wall taking things even further, putting that soothing sound aside for some far darker vibes. It’s sinister and orchestral to begin with, but soon breaks out into complete filthy mayhem; a banger through and through!

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Next comes the title track, Ember, and firstly, who would’ve ever imagined Ariana Grande on a drum and bass tune?? Not me! To be honest that vocal isn’t the best part for me, but I can confirm that pretty much every other aspect of this track is stunning; from the emotive strings to the atmospheric synths (that beautifully poignant intro in particular does it for me here). Concluding the EP in style is Diplomatic (which sadly, fellow vinyl-heads, you won’t find pressed on the record), and after much consideration the only word I could think of to best describe this track is SLICK. Give it a listen and see what I mean!

Buy: iTunes / Redeye

So that’s a fourth fantastic EP from Dawn Wall, yet it still seems the identity of this producer(s) is unlikely to be revealed any time soon. And with the recent introduction of the similarly mysterious Mohican Sun to this “tribe”, the plot only thickens. You can read more about that over on UKF.

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