Need For Mirrors & Concord Dawn – Technodrome / Metallic (Blu Mar Ten Music)

Posted by Snapclicker on 8th September 2016

Blu Mar Ten’s label has grown like a grizzly bear fattened and ready for a good kip over winter. But every time you think its submerged for hibernation, something like the recent Conduct LP rears its head and reminds you not to go into the woods without ample protection because the music is so good you’ll need a tranq dart to keep it at bay.

Need for Mirrors & Concord Dawn. Good match up musically, but my heart goes out to the guy doing the artwork as that’s quite the mouthful to fit onto a wee square pon the iTunes.

Technodrome is a tune I’ve listened to a fair bit now and i’m still not sure i’ve totally worked it out! At a whopping 6 and a bit minutes long, this is proper music, made by people unafraid of not having a million fireworks all going off at once. It reminds me of late 90’s drums, really punchy and unforgiving but that sit nicely in the mix thanks to up to date production. The sonics at the forefront more than carry the track and i’m sure DJ’s will really enjoy having a mix with this. Tones and chords drift in and out making certain sections really quite stunning.

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Metallic is another 6+ minute song which can’t help but percolate with nostalgic tones. I could dig out numerous 12″s on Full Cycle or V from times gone by which provided seemingly simple music. I love the look on younger head’s faces playing them stuff like ‘Pulp Fiction’ now and their look of bemusement ‘Is that all it does for 6 minutes?’. No you drongos. LISTEN to the music and you’ll actually hear the progression and layers involved. This is a delightful little (dare I say it) roller who’s best assets are blended tactfully into the landscape as a whole.

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This release could come packaged in a lunchbox punctured by the teeth of a hungry bear. The music is long, deep and there to digest, not simply click to the breakdown on Beatport and see if you’ll gobble it down later. Consumers need to be reminded that drum and bass used to be made like this, like a solid house tune that grows, peaks and subsides over a decent amount of time. These tracks are 3 course meals, not aperitifs to be swallowed in one go at a swish West End gala. Lay out the picnic and get stuck in.

Props to the producers and the label for continuing to instil an original ethos in the scene, whether on purpose or not.

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